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Re: [C++ Patch] [PR c++/88146] do not crash synthesizing inherited ctor(...)

On 12/19/18 7:04 PM, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

Thanks again for the report.  This was quite an adventure to figure
out ;-)  See below.

[PR88146] avoid diagnostics diffs if cdtor_returns_this

Diagnostics for testsuite/g++.dg/cpp0x/inh-ctor32.C varied across
platforms.  Specifically, on ARM, the diagnostics within the subtest
derived_ctor::inherited_derived_ctor::constexpr_noninherited_ctor did
not match those displayed on other platforms, and the test failed.

The difference seemed to have to do with locations assigned to ctors,
but it was more subtle: on ARM, the instantiation of bor's template
ctor was nested within the instantiation of bar's template ctor
inherited from bor.  The reason turned out to be related with the
internal return type of ctors: arm_cxx_cdtor_returns_this is enabled
for because of AAPCS, while cxx.cdtor_returns_this is disabled on most
other platforms.  While convert_to_void returns early with a VOID
expr, the non-VOID return type of the base ctor CALL_EXPR causes
convert_to_void to inspect the called decl for nodiscard attributes:
maybe_warn_nodiscard -> cp_get_fndecl_from_callee ->
maybe_constant_init -> cxx_eval_outermost_constant_expr ->
instantiate_constexpr_fns -> nested instantiation.

I think the bug is in calling instantiate_constexpr_fns in this case. I think that should only happen when ctx->manifestly_const_eval.


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