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[PATCH] Restrict a VSX extract to TARGET_POWERPC64 (PR88213)

This pattern optimises a scalar extract from a vector loaded from
memory to be just a scalar load from memory.  But to do a 64-bit
integer load you need 64-bit integer registers, which needs

This fixes it.  Tested on powerpc64-linux {-m32,-m64}; committing to trunk.


2018-12-19  Segher Boessenkool  <>

	PR target/88213
	* config/rs6000/ (*vsx_extract_<P:mode>_<VSX_D:mode>_load):

 gcc/config/rs6000/ | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/gcc/config/rs6000/ b/gcc/config/rs6000/
index e30f89d..2c00b40 100644
--- a/gcc/config/rs6000/
+++ b/gcc/config/rs6000/
@@ -3257,7 +3257,7 @@ (define_insn_and_split "*vsx_extract_<P:mode>_<VSX_D:mode>_load"
 	 (match_operand:VSX_D 1 "memory_operand" "m,m")
 	 (parallel [(match_operand:QI 2 "const_0_to_1_operand" "n,n")])))
    (clobber (match_scratch:P 3 "=&b,&b"))]
   "&& reload_completed"
   [(set (match_dup 0) (match_dup 4))]

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