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Re: [PATCH] Fix AVX512VL gather ICEs (PR target/88513, PR target/88514)

On Tue, Dec 18, 2018 at 08:25:37AM +0100, Uros Bizjak wrote:
> >         <case IX86_BUILTIN_GATHER3ALTDIV8SF>: Check for non-VECTOR_MODE_P
> >         rather than VOIDmode.
> This entry doesn't match the change, you are checking for
> VECTOR_MODE_P. On a related note, should similar

Ok, I'll write: Check for VECTOR_MODE_P rather than non-VOIDmode.

> IX86_BUILTIN_GATHER3ALTDIV16{SF,SI} builtins be changed in the same
> way?

No, because IX86_BUILTIN_GATHER3ALTDIV16S{F,I} has always the HImode
for the mask argument (sometimes CONST_INT with VOIDmode) and wants QImode.

The reason we need the change in this patch is that we have the same case
which have V8S[IF]mode for the mask argument and we want to do what is
inside of the if where the patch changes the guard, and
which have QImode mask argument (sometimes CONST_INT with VOIDmode) and
wants QImode (just cares about the low 4 bits of it rather than all 8 bits
it was passed in).  We could use a kand, but the instruction ignores the
argument and we'd need to load the mask immediate 15 into a register, copy
it into a mask register and then kand.


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