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Re: [ping] Change static chain to r11 on aarch64

On Mon, 17 Dec 2018, Wilco Dijkstra wrote:
> H-P:
> > So, changing from R18 to R11 for aarch64 seems right, as the
> > latter is call-clobbered and the former is call-saved IIUC.
> The AArch64 ABI defines x18 as platform specific:
> On Linux it is call-clobbered, but it could be a fixed register on other
> platforms (eg. a thread-local pointer). I don't think it's possible to make
> it a callee-save.

JFTR, in gcc, it's treated as call-saved, AFAICS, with no
special-casing (other than being STATIC_CHAIN_REGNUM, which
by itself has no other effect).

Is that a bug or deliberate?  If deliberate, a comment at
CALL_USED_REGISTERS would have cleared that question.
The document you refer to seems to be on the fence regarding
whether a compiler should treat it as call-clobbered.

> Still it is the wrong register to use since it already has
> different uses. Using x9 would make its use as an extra argument clearer.

Sure.  For one, it would avoid the bug with
STATIC_CHAIN_REGNUM being call-saved. :)

brgds, H-P

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