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Re: [PATCH] Delete powerpcspe

On 12/14/18 11:41 AM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Dec 2018, Jeff Law wrote:
>>> I wonder if we could set up auto-(simulator)-testing for all supported
>>> archs (and build testing for all supported configs) on the CF
>>> (with the required scripting in contrib/ so it's easy to replicate).  I'd
>>> simply test only released snapshots to keep the load reasonable
>>> and besides posting to gcc-testresults also post testresults
>>> differences to gcc-regression?
>> It's certainly possible.  Though I've found that managing this kind of
>> thing with Jenkins is far easier than rolling our own.  I'd be happy to
>> move an instance out into the CF.
> On the other hand, in glibc having a single script 
> that does everything (rather than some external piece of software to 
> orchestrate builds) serves to make it easy for people making changes with 
> cross-architecture risks to run the compilation tests for all 
> architectures - although doing so is slow unless you have lots of CPU 
> cores.

What I've been playing with to deal with that is the ability for the
tester to monitor a per-user branch in a special repository.

When a change on that branch is detected, it fires up builds with and
without the patches on that branch and compares the results.

Right now it's just native x86, but the idea is to include a control
file on the branch that would allow it to cycle through specific targets
or groups of targets and any special flags (like additional C++ language
variants to test).

It's a fairly simple extension since I already had the ability to drop
patches into a special github repo and the tester would automatically
use them.


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