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Re: [doc,committed] clarify docs for function attribute "const"

On 12/13/18 3:52 PM, Martin Sebor wrote:

(I have now committed the @code{const} cleanup mentioned below.)

This patch is OK except for one nit.

 @cindex pointer arguments
 Note that a function that has pointer arguments and examines the data
-pointed to must @emph{not} be declared @code{const}.  Likewise, a
-function that calls a non-@code{const} function usually must not be
-@code{const}.  Because a @code{const} function cannot have any side
-effects it does not make sense for such a function to return @code{void}.
-Declaring such a function is diagnosed.
+pointed to must @emph{not} be declared @code{const} if the pointed-to
+data might change between successive invocations of the function.  In
+general, since a function cannot distinguish data that might change
+from data that cannot, const functions should never be
+pass-by-reference (take pointer or, in C++, reference arguments).

I'd really rather avoid "pass-by-reference" since it adds nothing with the clarification about what it means there, too. How about just:

...const functions should never take pointer or, in C++, reference arguments.

OK to commit with that fixed.


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