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Re: [testsuite] Include gdc.test prefix in test names (PR testsuite/88041)

On Thu, 13 Dec 2018 at 10:16, Rainer Orth <> wrote:
> As reported in the PR, the test names of DejaGnu tests should be the
> path relative to the respective testsuite directory, a convention the
> gdc.test tests currently don't follow.
> The patch below fixes this.  After a few false starts (some described in
> the PR and several more) I came up with the following minimally
> intrusive solution.  This way, the gdc.test prefix is included in the
> test names but stripped out again in gdc-dg-test so all path names in
> the upstream testsuite (which don't include the prefix) continue to
> work.  The link from gdc.test to . in the gdc* dirs is still needed
> because e.g. scanning the sources for dg- directives happens in
> dg-runtest before entering dg-test and thus still needs the prefixed
> form.
> I'm omitting the changes (also mentioned in the PR) to
> compilable/ddoc9676a.d and compilable/depsOutput9948.d which contain
> absolute path names in EXTRA_SOURCES because those need to go upstream
> first.

This has been committed upstream
( - I just need to trickle it
down, among other patches that are in my queue.

I have no problem however if you go ahead commit the changes with this patch.

> Bootstrapped without regressions on i386-pc-solaris2.11 and
> x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.  Ok for mainline?

OK on my side, just one mental note.

> @@ -360,6 +361,9 @@ proc gdc-do-test { } {
>      # Initialize `dg'.
>      dg-init
> +    # Create gdc.test link so test names include that subdir.
> +    catch { file link $subdir . }
> +

I guess the proper fix would be to split this into three files, right?

  - compilable/compilable.exp
  - fail_compilation/fail_compilation.exp
  - runnable/runnable.exp

Then move the common bits into lib/gdc-dmd.exp


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