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Re: [libgomp, nvptx] Disable OMP_{DISPLAY_AFFINITY,AFFINITY_FORMAT} support

On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 09:29:36AM +0100, Tom de Vries wrote:
> > This is the libgomp/ except libgomp/testsuite/ part of the gomp-5_0-branch
> > merge to trunk I've just committed.
> > 
> > 2018-11-08  Jakub Jelinek  <>
> > 
> > 	* affinity.c (gomp_display_affinity_place): New function.
> > 	* affinity-fmt.c: New file.
> > 	* fortran.c: Include stdio.h and string.h.
> > 	(omp_pause_resource, omp_pause_resource_all): Add ialias_redirect.
> > 	(omp_get_schedule_, omp_get_schedule_8_): Mask off GFS_MONOTONIC bit.
> > 	(omp_set_affinity_format_, omp_get_affinity_format_,
> > 	omp_display_affinity_, omp_capture_affinity_, omp_pause_resource_,
> > 	omp_pause_resource_all_): New functions.
> OK for trunk?
> Thanks,
> - Tom

> [libgomp, nvptx] Disable OMP_{DISPLAY_AFFINITY,AFFINITY_FORMAT} support
> Disable compilation of support for OMP_DISPLAY_AFFINITY and OMP_AFFINITY_FORMAT
> for nvptx.
> This fixes some libgomp testsuite failures for x86_64 with nvptx accelerator.
> Build on x86_64 with nvptx accelerator, tested libgomp.
> 2018-12-12  Tom de Vries  <>
> 	* affinity.c (gomp_display_affinity_place): Guard with
> 	* fortran.c (omp_set_affinity_format_, omp_get_affinity_format_)
> 	(omp_display_affinity_, omp_capture_affinity_): Same.
> 	* libgomp/config/nvptx/affinity-fmt.c: New, empty file overriding
> 	libgomp/affinity-fmt.c.

The runtime APIs should still be available inside of OpenMP regions, your
patch makes them unavailable.
What exactly doesn't work?
hostname handling, getpid, thread_id, affinity places?
I'd prefer for now to just stub what doesn't work in the LIBGOMP_OFFLOADED_ONLY
case (print "node", 0 as pid, 0 as thread id, something for affinity
(0 or 0-N where N is the number of warps it can support or whatever).

Eventually we need to find a way how to transfer some ICVs and other data
from the host to the offloading library, either process shared that aren't
changing, which can include the hostname, getpid, or some others that would
need to be passed for every target region.


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