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Re: [PATCH] accept all C integer types in function parameters referenced by alloc_align (PR 88363)

On Tue, Dec 11, 2018 at 09:59:27AM -0700, Martin Sebor wrote:
> [*] The change in the patch is obvious enough to me.  All it
> does is accept more of the things that are accepted by GCC 8
> (enums, bools, wchar_t, etc.) and that inadvertently started
> to be rejected as a result of my prior change.   That the rules
> can be made more restrictive is something different.
Obvious changes should be obvious to anyone, not just the committer, IMHO.  I
don't think we should make the rules more restrictive; what we have in place
seems to have worked fine and I would have thought it's clear that changing
what the compiler accepts will never be an obvious change, unlike, say, fixing
a test that fails with -m32 because it uses 'unsigned long' instead of size_t.

> I recently brought up the question of the write w/o approval
> policy on the gcc list:
> looking for clarification.  Except for Jeff's comment (which
> I'm afraid didn't really clarify things), didn't get any.
> You (the maintainers) have put it in place.  If you don't intend
> for the rest of us to make use of it, or if it's not meant to be
> interpreted to give us the freedom to decide what is or isn't
> obvious, then change it. But it's disingenuous to claim that "We
> don't want to get overly restrictive about checkin policies" and
> then chastise people each time they say they might check something
> in on their own.

...or fixing typos in comments and formatting fixes should be obvious, adding
new tests for fixed bugs likely as well, but outlining semantics in a comment
doesn't strike me as obvious at all.  "When in doubt, ask for a review."


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