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[Ada] Fix setting of Has_Predicate flag for aggregate subtypes

This patch enures that the subtype of an aggregate has the Has_Predicate
flag properly set if the array component has a predicate, including the
case the predicate function for the component has not been constructed

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2018-12-11  Ed Schonberg  <>


	* sem_aggr.adb (Array_Aggr_Subtype. Resolve_Aggr_Expr): Indicate
	that aggregate subtype has a predicate if the component type has
	a predicate; do not rely on exisatence of predicate function for
	component, in case component is a type no yet frozen, for which
	predicate function has not been created yet.
--- gcc/ada/sem_aggr.adb
+++ gcc/ada/sem_aggr.adb
@@ -611,6 +611,16 @@ package body Sem_Aggr is
       Set_Is_Constrained (Itype, True);
       Set_Is_Internal    (Itype, True);
+      if Has_Predicates (Typ) then
+         Set_Has_Predicates (Itype);
+         if Present (Predicate_Function (Typ)) then
+            Set_Predicate_Function (Itype, Predicate_Function (Typ));
+         else
+            Set_Predicated_Parent (Itype, Predicated_Parent (Typ));
+         end if;
+      end if;
       --  A simple optimization: purely positional aggregates of static
       --  components should be passed to gigi unexpanded whenever possible, and
       --  regardless of the staticness of the bounds themselves. Subsequent
@@ -1627,7 +1637,7 @@ package body Sem_Aggr is
          --  component assignments. If the expression covers several components
          --  the analysis and the predicate check take place later.
-         if Present (Predicate_Function (Component_Typ))
+         if Has_Predicates (Component_Typ)
            and then Analyzed (Expr)
             Apply_Predicate_Check (Expr, Component_Typ);
@@ -4194,7 +4204,7 @@ package body Sem_Aggr is
          --  because the aggegate might not be expanded into individual
          --  component assignments.
-         if Present (Predicate_Function (Expr_Type))
+         if Has_Predicates (Expr_Type)
            and then Analyzed (Expr)
             Apply_Predicate_Check (Expr, Expr_Type);

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