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Re: [PATCH] hppa: Add libphobos support

On 2018-12-09 6:10 p.m., Iain Buclaw wrote:
> On Sun, 9 Dec 2018 at 21:16, John David Anglin <> wrote:
>> The attached change implements a first cut at libphobos support on
>> hppa/glibc/linux.  Test
>> results are here:
>> <>.
>> Okay?
> >From what I can see, everything is properly scoped and looks valid (no
> accidental C-style syntax anywhere).  Looking at the test results,
> seems like nothing runs, which may not be entirely unexpected from a
> new port, but I would have expected a little better.
I see about 10% fails for gdc (27700 passes, 2641 fails).  For
libphobos, I see 242 passes and 46 fails.

I haven't had a chance to debug any of the fails.  The stack grows up on
hppa.  This is one big difference
from all other ports.  I also was a bit unsure about the setjmp

> I've just tried
> building a cross-compiler and running some small programs under qemu,
> but it seems that nothing works under emulation, not even C programs.
I added Helge Deller to Cc.  He has worked on qemu for hppa.
> Would you mind if I send this to the upstream druntime first?
> Repository is here
No problem.  Go ahead.


John David Anglin

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