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Re: [committed] PR testsuite/86540, twiddle for aarch64

On 12/7/18 6:46 AM, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
> On 06/12/2018 15:36, Jeff Law wrote:
>> As outlined in the PR, the aarch64 has a non-default value for
>> CASE_VALUES_THRESHOLD which changes decisions in switch lowering.  Those
>> changes in switch lowering can expose additional jump threads later in
>> the pipeline which cause heartburn for a couple tests.
>> I looked at all the other ports with a non-default value of
>> CASE_VALUES_THRESHOLD and only aarch64 is high enough to trigger these
>> changes in behavior on the two relevant tests.  So I'm just skipping the
>> tests that run after switch lowering on aarch64.
>> Verified with a cross that these tests now pass.
>> Committing to the trunk,
> Can't we use a param to force the value back to (near) the default?
> That would then work even if other targets start changing the default here.
That would have been my preference, but I didn't see a suitable PARAM
and adding one just for these two tests seemed like overkill.


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