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Re: [PATCH, Fortran] pad char to int conversions with spaces instead of zeros (legacy)

On 04/12/2018 17:04, Fritz Reese wrote:
On Tue, Dec 4, 2018 at 10:12 AM Jakub Jelinek <> wrote:
Just a couple of random comments.
-fdec-pad-with-spaces option name doesn't look right, because it doesn't say
what the option affects.  So perhaps have transfer in the option name?
Wouldn't it be better to allow specifying whatever character you want to pad
with, so that users can choose something even different?
I concur with this. In that case some option like -ftransfer-pad-char=
may be a more appriopriate name, where -fdec may enable a default
transfer-pad-char of \x20 rather than \x00.

How would the value be specified?

-ftransfer-pad-char=' '

If -fdec and -ftransfer-pad-char are both specified which should have precedence?

For -fdec and -fno-dec both specified would I be correct in assuming 0x0 should be used?

--- a/gcc/fortran/simplify.c
+++ b/gcc/fortran/simplify.c
@@ -7830,7 +7830,7 @@ gfc_simplify_transfer (gfc_expr *source, gfc_expr *mold, gfc_expr *size)
This affects just the simplification when the argument is a known constant.
Shouldn't we handle it also when it is not a constant?
Yes. Mark, you'll need to also patch iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_transfer)
to affect non-constant resolution.
Thanks for the hint.

The tests look too much big-endian vs. little-endian dependent and
ascii dependent.  We have pdp-endian and doesn't s390x TPF use EBCDIC?

Wouldn't it be better to compare transfer("ABCE", 1_8) with transfer("ABCE    ", 1_8)


Thanks for the feedback.



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