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Re: [PATCH 1/9]: C++ P0482R5 char8_t: Documentation updates

On 12/3/18 2:59 PM, Jason Merrill wrote:
On 11/5/18 2:39 PM, Tom Honermann wrote:
This patch adds documentation for new -fchar8_t and -fno-char8_t options.


2018-11-04  Tom Honermann  <>
      * doc/invoke.texi (-fchar8_t): Document new option.

+Enable support for the P0482 proposal including the addition of a
+new @code{char8_t} fundamental type, changes to the types of UTF-8

Now that the proposal has been accepted, I'd refer to C++2a instead.

Agreed.  I also need to make the changes to implicitly enable -fchar8_t with -std=c++2a.

The list of impacted standard library features was incomplete and I suspect it isn't worth mentioning them specifically.  Perhaps mentioning the feature test macros would be helpful as well?

How does the following sound?

Enable support for @code{char8_t} as adopted for C++2a.  This includes the addition of a new @code{char8_t} fundamental type, changes to the types of UTF-8 string and character literals, new signatures for user defined literals, associated standard library updates, and new @code{__cpp_char8_t} and @code{__cpp_lib_char8_t} feature test macros.



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