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Re: [patch,openacc] Set safelen to INT_MAX for oacc independent pragma

On Thu, 20 Sep 2018 11:21:28 -0700
Cesar Philippidis <> wrote:

> This is another old gomp4 OpenACC patch which impacts targets that use
> simd vectorization, such as the host and AMD GCN, rather than nvptx.
> Basically, as the subject states, it sets safelen to INT_MAX for
> independent acc loops, which I believe is already being done for
> OpenMP in certain situations.
> The original discussion for this patch can be found here
> <>.
> Is this patch OK for trunk? I bootstrapped and regtested it for x86_64
> Linux with nvptx offloading.

I believe this is conservatively safe, although I understand that a
safelen of INT_MAX does not correspond strictly to the way a GPU will
execute greater-than-warp-size numbers of independent loop iterations.
This isn't a problem for NVPTX (which IIUC does not use the information
carried by the safelen setting at present) or the host, but may need
attention for e.g. AMD GCN or other GPUs that use a similar execution

This may need merging with the non-marked_independent parts of:


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