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[PATCH 4/6, OpenACC, libgomp] Async re-work, libgomp/target.c changes

Hi Jakub,
This part has changes to 'struct goacc_asyncqueue*' arguments to various
memory copying/mapping functions. To lessen the amount of code changes new 'gomp_map/unmap_vars_async'
functions names are used (with the non-async original names defined with the asyncqueue==NULL).

Inside gomp_target_fini, a 'gomp_fini_device' named function has been (re?)introduced,
since there's also asyncqueue destructing now need before the ->fini_device_func() call.


	* target.c (goacc_device_copy_async): New function.
	(gomp_copy_host2dev): Remove 'static', add goacc_asyncqueue parameter,
	add goacc_device_copy_async case.
	(gomp_copy_dev2host): Likewise.
	(gomp_map_vars_existing): Add goacc_asyncqueue parameter, adjust code.
	(gomp_map_pointer): Likewise.
	(gomp_map_fields_existing): Likewise.
	(gomp_map_vars): Add function for compatiblity.
	(gomp_map_vars_async): Adapt from gomp_map_vars, add goacc_asyncqueue
	(gomp_unmap_tgt): Remove statis, add attribute_hidden.
	(gomp_unmap_vars): Add function for compatiblity.
	(gomp_unmap_vars_async): Adapt from gomp_unmap_vars, add
	goacc_asyncqueue parameter.
	(gomp_fini_device): New function.
	(gomp_exit_data): Adjust gomp_copy_dev2host call.
	(gomp_load_plugin_for_device): Remove old interface, adjust to load
	new async interface.
	(gomp_target_fini): Adjust code to call gomp_fini_device.

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