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OpenRISC Port Submission


Since February this year I have been working on an OpenRISC clean room rewrite.

As per the article, the old port had issues with some of the owners signing over
FSF copyright.  To get around this I discussed options with the group and in the
end I opted for a clean room rewrite.

The new code base has been written by me and more recently Richard Henderson.  I
trust that both of us have our FSF GCC copyright's in place.

# Question

How should I go about submitting the port for review?  Should I split libgcc and
gcc into separate patches?  i.e. One patch mail for ChangeLog?  Or would you
prefer a single patch mail?  The patch size is around 150k.

Sorry, I understand its a big patch.

# Testing

We have been running the GCC testsuite with newlib and musl libc.  The results
are good.  See results published in a test build/release here:


# Early Review

If you are interested in reviewing online I have pushed:


To build this requires some of the latest binutils patches submitted here:

 - git tree:


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