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Re: PING [PATCH] warn for strlen of arrays with missing nul (PR 86552, 86711, 86714) )

On 08/16/2018 11:14 PM, Jeff Law wrote:
On 08/01/2018 08:44 PM, Martin Sebor wrote:
Since the foundation of the patch is detecting and avoiding
the overly aggressive folding of unterminated char arrays,
besides issuing a warning for such arguments to strlen,
the patch also fixes pr86711 - wrong folding of memchr, and
pr86714 - tree-ssa-forwprop.c confused by too long initializer.

The substance of the attached updated patch is unchanged,
I have just added test cases for the two additional bugs.

Just to be absolutely sure.  The patch attached to this message is
superceded by the later 6 part patchkit that fixes 86714, 86711 and 86552.

I'm just trying to make sure I'm looking at the right kits from both you
and Bernd for the next step.

Yes, I broke up this patch into a series, with the basic
"infrastructure" in part 1:

[PATCH 1/6] prevent folding of unterminated const arrays (PR
86711, 86714)

and the strlen missing nul detection in part 2:
[PATCH 2/6] detect unterminated const arrays in strlen calls
(PR 86552)

The rest of the series (parts 3 through 6) add the missing
nul detection to a few other built-ins.


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