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Re: [PATCH] Add a character size parameter to c_strlen/get_range_strlen

On 08/14/2018 08:08 AM, Martin Sebor wrote:
> On 08/14/2018 04:25 AM, Bernd Edlinger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> this patch is a follow-up to my patch here:
> As I said multiple times, this patch is redundant -- the issue
> is fixed by the solution I posted back in July:
> and that I have been continuing to build upon (I posted a new
> update yesterday).
So it seems the question here is whether or not Bernd agrees that it's
redundant or he may question if your patch is going to go forward since
it hasn't been acted upon.  He didn't say either way which is
unfortunate.  But I don't think it's meant to be malicious.

Let's not go back to where we were last week.  I think that discussion
got far too heated.


Standard procedure in this kind of situation where we have two patches
that are handling the same issue is to bake them off and choose one
based on the technical merits.  To that end...

It would be helpful if you could compare/contrast your patch to Bernd's.
 ie, are there cases that will be handled by one patch better than the
other.  Are there any implementation details that favor one patch over
the other.

Similarly it'd be helpful to have Bernd do the same thing for his patch
compare and contrasting it to yours.


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