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Re: [PING] [PATCH] Fix wrong code with truncated string literals (PR 86711/86714)

On 08/13/18 16:27, Martin Sebor wrote:
> As I said below, the patch for PR 86552, 86711, 86714 that
> was first posted on July 19 fixes both of these issues and
> also diagnoses calls with unterminated strings:

Sorry, but you you read my comment on your patch here:


So I am strictly opposed to implementing new warnings now,
which just papers over existing design issues in this area.

I think the most important problem in the strlen folding is that
c_strlen and get_range_strlen do not have the the information
what kind of string length they should return,
(as measured in char/wchar16/wchar32)
Most of the time only length in char makes any sense.

Only for sprintf processing a different char type may be
requested, but the sprintf code in the middle end does not
know which is the wchar type.

I have sent a followup patch that passes char size units
to c_strlen and get_range_strlen here:

I hope you understand, that I would like to fix design issues
before implementing new features, since that will obviously
become more difficult when even more features are being
implemented without fixing some basics first.


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