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[committed][libgomp, nvptx] Allow cuGetErrorString to be NULL


Cuda driver api function cuGetErrorString is available in version 6.0 and

Currently, when the driver that is used does not contain this function, the
libgomp nvptx plugin will not build (PLUGIN_NVPTX_DYNAMIC == 0) or run

This patch fixes this problem by testing for the presence of the function, and
handling absence.

Build on x86_64 with nvptx accelerator and reg-tested libgomp, both with and
without --without-cuda-driver.

Committed to trunk.

- Tom

[libgomp, nvptx] Allow cuGetErrorString to be NULL

2018-08-08  Tom de Vries  <>

	* plugin/cuda-lib.def (cuGetErrorString): Use CUDA_ONE_CALL_MAYBE_NULL.
	* plugin/plugin-nvptx.c (cuda_error): Handle if cuGetErrorString is not

 libgomp/plugin/cuda-lib.def   |  2 +-
 libgomp/plugin/plugin-nvptx.c | 10 +++++++---
 2 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/libgomp/plugin/cuda-lib.def b/libgomp/plugin/cuda-lib.def
index be8e3b3ec4d6..6365cdbfcbe4 100644
--- a/libgomp/plugin/cuda-lib.def
+++ b/libgomp/plugin/cuda-lib.def
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ CUDA_ONE_CALL (cuEventQuery)
 CUDA_ONE_CALL (cuEventRecord)
 CUDA_ONE_CALL (cuEventSynchronize)
 CUDA_ONE_CALL (cuFuncGetAttribute)
-CUDA_ONE_CALL (cuGetErrorString)
 CUDA_ONE_CALL (cuLaunchKernel)
 CUDA_ONE_CALL (cuLinkAddData)
diff --git a/libgomp/plugin/plugin-nvptx.c b/libgomp/plugin/plugin-nvptx.c
index 589d6596cc2f..b549b7740039 100644
--- a/libgomp/plugin/plugin-nvptx.c
+++ b/libgomp/plugin/plugin-nvptx.c
@@ -161,13 +161,17 @@ init_cuda_lib (void)
 static const char *
 cuda_error (CUresult r)
+  const char *fallback = "unknown cuda error";
   const char *desc;
+  if (!CUDA_CALL_EXISTS (cuGetErrorString))
+    return fallback;
   r = CUDA_CALL_NOCHECK (cuGetErrorString, r, &desc);
-  if (r != CUDA_SUCCESS)
-    desc = "unknown cuda error";
+  if (r == CUDA_SUCCESS)
+    return desc;
-  return desc;
+  return fallback;
 static unsigned int instantiated_devices = 0;

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