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Re: PR libstdc++/68222 Hide safe iterator operators

On 07/08/18 14:47 +0100, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 02/08/18 22:16 +0200, François Dumont wrote:

    Here is a patch to avoid definition of invalid operators on the Debug mode safe iterator type depending on its category.

    Even if it is limited to the Debug mode code I would like to have a feedback before committing. Especially on the following points:

- _Safe_tagged_iterator: Is the name ok ?

Hmm, maybe "strict" instead of tagged?

But do we need a new name? Can we just change _Safe_iterator instead
of adding a new type?

Where is _Safe_iterator still used? Just local iterators in unordered
containers?  Is it OK to remove most of the functions that used to
support it? (__niter_base etc).

Could we add a new type for the local iterators, and just change
_Safe_iterator directly so it doesn't expose unsupported operations?

That would make the patch *much* smaller, as you wouldn't need to
change all the uses of _Safe_iterator.

Another approach would be to use mixins to expose the operations:

template<typename _Iter, typename _Cat>
struct _Safe_iterator_mixin<_Iter, _Cat>
typename iterator_traits<_Iter>::reference
{ return static_cast<_Iter*>(this)->_M_deref(); }

template<typename _Iter, typename _Cat>
struct _Safe_iterator_mixin<_Iter, forward_iterator_tag>
_Iter& operator++()
{ return static_cast<_Iter*>(this)->_M_preinc(); }
_Iter operator++(int)
{ return static_cast<_Iter*>(this)->_M_postinc(); }

template<typename _Iter, typename _Cat>
struct _Safe_iterator_mixin<_Iter, bidirectional_iterator_tag>
_Iter& operator--()
{ return static_cast<_Iter*>(this)->_M_predec(); }
_Iter operator--(int)
{ return static_cast<_Iter*>(this)->_M_postdec(); }


then in _Safe_iterator rename the operator functions, so operator*
becomes _M_deref, operator++ becomes _M_preinc etc. and then derive
from _Safe_iterator_mixin which declares the operators.

FWIW I think your proposal with partial specializations for each
iterator category is probably better than this mixins idea (although I
think it requires a lot more code to implement it).

But I would like to know if it's possible to just change
_Safe_iterator instead of introducing a new _Safe_tagged_iterator

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