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Re: [PATCH] [Ada] Make middle-end string literals NUL terminated

Hi Bernd,

(Thanks for your interest in the Ada case as well :)

> On 7 Aug 2018, at 15:07, Bernd Edlinger <> wrote:

> When I try this example:
> $ cat array9.adb
> -- { dg-do run }
> procedure Array9 is
>   V1 : String(1..10) := "1234567890";
>   V2 : String(1..-1) := "";
>   procedure Compare (S : String) is
>   begin
>     if S'Size /= 8*S'Length then
>       raise Program_Error;
>     end if;
>   end;
> begin
>   Compare ("");
>   Compare ("1234");
>   Compare (V1);
>   Compare (V2);
> end;
> I see that "1234" is put in the merge section,
> but V1 is not.  Maybe because of the alignment requirement?
> But it sould not be much different from the C test case,
> which is now able to merge the non-zero terminated strings.

I'm happy to have a look. I'd just like to make
sure I'll be looking at the right thing:

I would need to start from trunk + the patches you
referenced at

+ the last one you sent at

Correct ?

Can you then confirm the target triplet and
compilation options ?

Thanks in advance!


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