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[PATCH] Handle TARGET_SPLIT_COMPLEX_ARG in default VA_ARG_EXPR implementation

Hi, during testing of the new in-review C-SKY port, we discovered some FAILs due to
the default va_args gimplifying (targhooks.c:std_gimplify_va_arg_expr) not properly
having the logic to handle the TARGET_SPLIT_COMPLEX_ARG hook.

It appears that all other targets that happen to use TARGET_SPLIT_COMPLEX_ARG also
defines TARGET_GIMPLIFY_VA_ARG_EXPR, so this went undiscovered.
The C-SKY port happens to only have TARGET_SPLIT_COMPLEX_ARG defined.

This patch completes this handling in std_gimplify_va_arg_expr(), though at the
moment it's only really exercised by the C-SKY port, which we tested to fix several
_Complex va_args related FAILs and without regressions.
(the patch fragment is actually adapted from the xtensa port, FWIW)

Is this okay for trunk?


2018-08-02  Chung-Lin Tang  <>

        * targhooks.c (std_gimplify_va_arg_expr): Properly handle case of when
        TARGET_SPLIT_COMPLEX_ARG is defined.

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