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Re: [Patch][GCC] Document and fix -r (partial linking)

On Wed, 1 Aug 2018, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:

> gcc/
>     * gcc.c: Correct default specs for -r

I don't follow why your changes (which would need describing for each 
individual spec changed) are corrections.

>  /* config.h can define LIB_SPEC to override the default libraries.  */
>  #ifndef LIB_SPEC
> -#define LIB_SPEC "%{!shared:%{g*:-lg} %{!p:%{!pg:-lc}}%{p:-lc_p}%{pg:-lc_p}}"
> +#define LIB_SPEC "%{!shared|!r:%{g*:-lg} %{!p:%{!pg:-lc}}%{p:-lc_p}%{pg:-lc_p}}"
>  #endif

'!' binds more closely than '|' in specs.  That is, !shared|!r means the 
following specs are used unless both -shared and -r are specified, which 
seems nonsensical to me.  I'd expect something more like "shared|r:;" to 
expand to nothing if either -shared or -r is passed and to what follows if 
neither is passed.

And that ignores that this LIB_SPEC value in gcc.c is largely irrelevant, 
as it's generally overridden by targets - and normally for targets using 
ELF shared libraries, for example, -lc *does* have to be used when linking 
with -shared.

I think you're changing the wrong place for this.  If you want -r to be 
usable with GCC without using -nostdlib (which is an interesting 
question), you actually need to change LINK_COMMAND_SPEC (also sometimes 
overridden for targets) to handle -r more like -nostdlib -nostartfiles.

> -#define LINK_PIE_SPEC "%{static|shared|r:;" PIE_SPEC ":" LD_PIE_SPEC "} "
> +#define LINK_PIE_SPEC "%{static|shared|r|ar:;" PIE_SPEC ":" LD_PIE_SPEC "} "

What's this "-ar" option you're handling here?

Joseph S. Myers

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