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Re: [PATCH,nvptx] Truncate config/nvptx/oacc-parallel.c

On 07/31/2018 05:55 PM, Cesar Philippidis wrote:
> Way back in the GCC 5 days when support for OpenACC was in its infancy,
> we used to rely on having various GOACC_ thread functions in the runtime
> to implement the execution model, or there lack of (that version of GCC
> only supported vector level parallelism). However, beginning with GCC 6,
> those external functions were replaced with internal functions that get
> expanded by the nvptx BE directly.
> This patch removes those stale libgomp functions from the nvptx libgomp
> target. Is this OK for trunk, or does libgomp still need to maintain
> backwards compatibility with GCC 5?
> This patch has been bootstrapped and regtested for x86_64 with nvptx
> offloading.

AFAIU, if you use a GCC 5 nvptx offloading compiler that generates calls
to these GOACC_ thread functions, you're also expected to use the GCC 5
nvptx libgomp.a containing these functions, so I don't see any backwards
compatibility issues here.

OK for me.

Jakub, do you have an opinion here?

- Tom

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