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*ping* [patch, fortran] Fix handling of assumed-size arrays in inline matmul

Re: [ patch, testsuite, fortran] Replace "call abort" by "stop n"

[AArch64] Add a tlsdesc call pattern for SVE

[AArch64] Add SVE mul_highpart patterns

[Aarch64] Fix conditional branches with target far away.

[Aarch64] Fix couple of formatting issues

Re: [AArch64] Fix SVE testsuite failures for ILP32 (PR 83846)

Re: [AArch64] Generalise aarch64_simd_valid_immediate for SVE

Re: [AArch64] Tighten aarch64_secondary_reload condition (PR 83845)

[Ada] Fix handling of incomplete types with -fdump-ada-spec (1/2)

[Ada] Fix handling of incomplete types with -fdump-ada-spec (2/2)

[Ada] Fix handling of nested enum types with -fdump-ada-spec

[Ada] Generate minimally correct C/C++ binding for stddef.h

[Ada] Minor tweaks to gnat.dg testsuite

[arm-embedded] Allow -mcpu=cortex-m33+nodsp

[Arm] GCC crash in cprop_hardreg when targeting v8-A Thumb

Re: [build, v3] Enable COMDAT group support on Solaris 10

Re: [build] Fix HAVE_GAS_CFI_DIRECTIVE for x86_64-pc-solaris2.*

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 71569 ("[6/7/8 regression] Crash: External definition of template member from template struct")

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 83204 ("[6/7/8 Regression] c++ -std=c++14 ICE in maybe_undo_parenthesized_ref, at cp/semantics.c:1694")

Re: [C++ Patch/RFC] PR 83796 ("[6/7/8 Regression] Abstract classes allowed to be instantiated when initialised as default parameter to function or constructor")

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 84348 ("[7/8 Regression] ICE with invalid friend declaration")

Re: [C++ Patch] Add DECL_UNNAMED_BIT_FIELD and use it

[C++ Patch] Define build_capture_proxy as static

[C++ PATCH] Deprecate -ffriend-injection

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix -Weffc++ warning on return in assignment op in templates (PR c++/84364)

[C++ PATCH] Fix GC lambda ICE (PR c++/84455)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE in bot_manip (PR c++/84449)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix ICE in cxx_eval_vec_init_1 (PR c++/84558)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE with __builtin_launder (PR c++/84445)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE with return in statement expression in constexpr.c (PR c++/84192)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix ICEs due to cp_parser_postfix_dot_deref_expression workaround (PR c++/84082)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICEs due to cp_parser_postfix_dot_deref_expression workaround (PR c++/84082, take 2)

[C++ PATCH] Fix lambda error recovery (PR c++/84446)

[C++ PATCH] initializer_list diagnostic

[C++ Patch] PR 82468 ("[7/8 Regression] ICE with deduction guide template")

Fwd: [C++ Patch] PR 83806 ("[6/7/8 Regression] Spurious -Wunused-but-set-parameter with nullptr")

[C++ Patch] PR 84330 ("[6/7/8 Regression] [concepts] ICE with broken constraint")

[C++ Patch] PR 84333 ("[6/7/8 Regression] ICE with ternary operator in template function")

[C++ Patch] PR 84350 ("[7/8 Regression] ICE with new and auto")

[C++ Patch] PR 84533 ("[7/8 Regression] ICE with duplicate enum value")

[C++ Patch] PR 84540 ("[6/7/8 Regression] ICE with alignas in variadic template")

[C++ Patch] tsubst_flags_t fixlet

[C++ Patch] Use INDIRECT_REF_P in a few more places

[C++ PATCH]: instantiation via vtable marking

[C++] [PR84231] overload on cond_expr in template

[committed, hppa] Fix loading of PIC labels

[committed] Add testcase for already fixed PR (PR c++/84496)

[committed] Add testcase for already fixed PR c++/84556

[committed] Add testcase for PR c++/84488

[committed] Better fix for the -fsanitize=undefined -fopemp -flto ICEs (PR sanitizer/83987)

[committed] Fix C++ OpenMP parsing ICE (PR c++/84557)

[committed] Fix ICE on non-x86 in expand_simd_clone (PR tree-optimization/84452)

[committed] Fix OpenMP atomic and for condition C++ parsing (PR c++/84341)

[committed] Fix OpenMP linear (ref ()) handling in Fortran FE (PR fortran/84418)

[committed] Fix OpenMP parsing error-recovery (PR c++/84448)

[committed] Fix overload15.C testcase (PR c++/79064)

[committed] Fix shrink-wrapping memory leak (PR rtl-optimization/84308)

[committed] Handle OMP_SIMD in potential_constant_expression_1 (PR c++/84430)

[committed] hppa: Fix conflict between -pg and -mlong-call options

[Committed] PR fortran/82994 -- Check for a NULL pointer

[Committed] S/390: Disable branch prediction for indirect branches

[Committed] S/390: Fix PR84295

[Committed] Update Fortran MATMUL documentation

[committed][AArch64] Remove SVE XFAILs

[committed][PATCH] Fix another minor rl78 build failure

[COMMITTED][PATCH][GCC][ARM] Change baseline test from armv5t to armv5te

[config patch] Fwd from binutils: add ax_pthread.m4 to config/ directory

[Fortran, PATCH, coarray, v1] Extend caf_*_by_ref () API by a type specifier

[Fortran, patch, coarray, v1] Fix a coarray issue and some documentation

[fortran, test case, committed]

[Fwd: [PATCH][Bug target/84266] mmintrin.h intrinsic headers for PowerPC code fails on power9]

[gcc-7 backport PATCH, rs6000/PR84388] fix fold-vec-mult-int128 testcases

[hsa] Fix PR82416 testcase

[hsa] Set program allocation for static local variables

Re: [Libgomp, Fortran] Fix canadian cross build

[LVU] use asm .loc and get gas to compute views on the side

[og7, committed] Fix implicit fallthrough warning in expand_omp_target

[og7] Fix hang when running oacc exec with CUDA 9.0 nvprof

[openacc, committed] Fix diff_type in expand_oacc_collapse_init

[parloops, PR83126], Use cached affine_ivs canonicalize_loop_ivs

Re: [PATCH 0/5] Make std::future::wait_* use std::chrono::steady_clock when required

RE: [PATCH 0/6] [ARC] New baremetal features and fixes

[PATCH 1/2] rs6000: Use brace blocks in define_insn

[PATCH 1/2] Untangle stddef.h a little

[PATCH 1/3] Add PTWRITE builtins for x86

Re: [PATCH 1/3] Remove support for obsolete x86 -malign-foo options

[PATCH 2/2] rs6000: Delete meaningless arguments to define_{expand,split,peephole2}

[PATCH 2/2] Simplify: combine cases for dfly+fbsd with vms.

[PATCH 2/3] Add a pass to automatically add ptwrite instrumentation

Re: [PATCH 2/7] Support >26 operands in generation code.

[PATCH 3/3] Add tests for the vartrace pass

[Patch AArch64] Turn on frame pointer / partial fix for PR84521

Re: [PATCH BACKPORT]Backport r254778 and test case in r244815 to GCC6

[PATCH Fortran committed] PR 84354 - Replace '%qs' with %qs in fortran/decl.c

[Patch fortran] PR32957 - C/Fortran interoperability and -fdefault-integer-8

[PATCH libgfortran] PR84412 [7/8 Regression] Erroneous "Inquire statement identifies an internal file" error

Re: [PATCH PR other/77609] Let the assembler choose ELF section types for miscellaneous named sections

Re: [PATCH PR81228][AARCH64][gcc-7] Backport r255625 : Fix ICE by adding LTGT

Re: [PATCH PR81647][AARCH64][PING] Fix handling of Unordered Comparisons in aarch64-simd.md

Re: [PATCH PR82096][gcc-7, gcc-6] Backport: Fix ICE in int_mode_for_mode, at stor-layout.c:403 with arm-linux-gnueabi

Re: [PATCH PR82096][gcc-7] Backport: Fix ICE in int_mode_for_mode, at stor-layout.c:403 with arm-linux-gnueabi

[PATCH PR83789] Fix for Altivec builtin failure

[PATCH rs6000] Fix for builtins-4-int128-runnable.c

[PATCH rs6000] Fix for builtins-4-runnable.c testcase FAIL on power7/BE 32-bit

[PATCH rs6000], Move Power 8 tests, fix ICE for vec_unsigned2, vec_signed2

[PATCH v2] RISC-V: Support for FreeBSD

Re: [PATCH v2][AArch64] Remove remaining uses of * in patterns

Re: [PATCH v3 1/14] D: The front-end (DMD) language implementation and license.

[PATCH v3] Disable reg offset in quad-word store for Falkor

[PATCH v6] aarch64: Add split-stack support

[PATCH, arm-embedded] Multilib mapping for Armv8-R

[PATCH, combine]: Fix PR84157, ICE: RTL check: expected code 'reg', have 'lshiftrt'

[PATCH, committed] Make module files reproducible

[PATCH, committed] PR target/81084: Hide more irrelevant powerpcspe options

[patch, committed] PR84389

[Patch, Fortran, F03] PR 84385: Reject invalid SELECT TYPE selector (allocate_with_source_22.f03)

[Patch, Fortran, F03] PR 84409: check DTIO arguments for character len

[Patch, Fortran, F08] PR 84313: reject procedure pointers in COMMON blocks

[Patch, fortran] [8.0 Regressions] PR84141 and PR84155

[patch, fortran] Bug 84506 - [6/7/8 Regression]INQUIRE(pos=) always sets pos=0 with -fdefault-integer-8

[patch, fortran] Fix character length in constructors

[patch, fortran] Fix handling of assumed-size arrays in inline matmul

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 68560

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 78238, ICE with SELECT TYPE with -fdefault-integer-8

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR 56691 - [OOP] Allocatable array: wrong offset when passing to CLASS dummy

[Patch, Fortran] PR 84273: Reject allocatable passed-object dummy argument (proc_ptr_47.f90)

[Patch, fortran] PR80945 - Invalid code with allocatable character array in READ/WRITE statement

[Patch, fortran] PR83148 [8 regression] ICE: crash_signal from toplev.c:325

[Patch, fortran] PR83149 [8 Regression] ICE on SELECT CASE: crash_signal in toplev.c:325

[Patch, fortran] PR83344 - Use of uninitialized memory with ASSOCIATE and strings

[Patch, fortran] PR83901 - [8 Regression] ICE in fold_convert_loc, at fold-const.c:2402

[Patch, fortran] PR84074 Incorrect indexing of array when actual argument is an array expression and dummy is polymorphic

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR84088 - [8 Regression][nvptx] libgomp.oacc-fortran/declare-*.f90 execution fails

[Patch, fortran] PR84115] [8 Regression] ICE: tree check: expected tree that contains 'decl minimal' structure, have 'indirect_ref' in add_decl_as_local, at fortran/trans-decl.c:256

[Patch, fortran] PR84538 - [8 Regression] Array of derived type elements incorrectly accessed in function

[patch, fortran] Remove workaround introduced because of PR80945

[PATCH, GCC/ARM] Multilib mapping for Armv8-R

[PATCH, i386] Fix ix86_multiplication_cost for SKX

[PATCH, i386] PR target/83008: Fix for SKX cost model

[patch, libfortran] Use flexible array members for array descriptor

Re: [PATCH, libgomp, testsuite] Move tests to libgomp.c-c++-common

Re: [PATCH, PR83327] Fix liveness analysis in lra for spilled-into hard regs

[PATCH, rs6000, committed] Fix PR80370: Invalid option used in test case gcc.target/powerpc/builtins-3-p9-runnable.c

[PATCH, rs6000, committed] Fix PR81143

[PATCH, rs6000, committed] Fix PR84365: gcc.target/powerpc/altivec-7-le.c fails on power9

[PATCH, rs6000, committed] Fix PR84372: test case gcc.target/powerpc/lvsl-lvsr.c fails on power9

[PATCH, rs6000, committed] Fix PR84390: test case gcc.target/powerpc/vsxcopy.c fails for gcc 7 and gcc 6 on power9

[PATCH, rs6000] (v2) Update altivec-7 testcase(s).

[PATCH, rs6000] GCC 7 backport for vec_insert4b, vec_extract4b support

[PATCH, rs6000] Remove non-ABI builtin support for vec_insert4b, vec_extract4b

[PATCH, rs6000] Update altivec-7 testcase(s).

[PATCH, rs6000] (v2) PR84220 remove RS6000_BTI_NOT_OPAQUE refs from builtins table

[PATCH, rs6000] (v2) Update vsx-vector-6-le.c tests

[PATCH, rs6000] Add builtin support for vec_insert4b, vec_extract4b

[PATCH, rs6000] Begin deprecation of -maltivec=be

[PATCH, rs6000] Deprecate -mno-speculate-indirect-jumps

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR56010 and PR83743, -mcpu=native use wrong names

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR83399, ICE During LRA with 2-op rtl pattern for lvx instruction

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR83926, ICE using __builtin_vsx_{div,udiv,mul}_2di builtins

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR84279, powerpc64le ICE on cvc4

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR84534: several powerpc test cases fail starting with r257915

[PATCH, rs6000] fix requires for mergew-mergeow.c test

[PATCH, rs6000] fix vsxcopy test for power9

[PATCH, rs6000] fix-up le-altivec-const.c and altivec-const.c tests

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] fix-ups for vec-cmpne-long.c runtime tests

[PATCH, rs6000] fold-vec-mult* testcase updates for power9

[PATCH, rs6000] PR84220 fix altivec_vec_sld and vec_sldw intrinsic definitions

[PATCH, rs6000] PR84371 Update builtins-3*.c tests for power9 codegen

[Patch, rs6000] Require Power 8 for vec_float2 builtin

[PATCH, rs6000] Require Power 8 for vec_neg builtin.

[PATCH, rs6000] Tests for builtin vec_neg updated

[PATCH, rs6000] tighten target statements for a p8 and p9 specific tests

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Update dg-requires for P9 specific tests.

[PATCH, rs6000] Update vsx-vector-6-le.c tests for p9 target

[patch, testcase, fortran, committed] Fix read_dir.f90

[PATCH, testsuite]: Remove statements with to effect from two fortran testcases

[PATCH, v2] Recognize a missed usage of a sbfiz instruction

[PATCH,AIX] aix71.h Increase ISA default

[PATCH,AIX] Fixincludes for vec_malloc, vec_calloc

[patch,avr,committed] Move disable of -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks to common.

[patch,avr,testsuite,committed]: Reduce avr fallout

[PATCH,avr] Fix PR84209 code issue due to post-reload split of SP into 2 QI regs

Re: [PATCH,PTX] Add support for CUDA 9

[patch,testsuite,committed] ad PR52641: Adjust more tests to int16

Re: [PATCH,WIP] Use functional parameters for data mappings in OpenACC child functions

Re: [PATCH/RFC] Fix ICE in find_taken_edge_computed_goto (PR 84136)

[PATCH/RFC] tree-if-conv.c: fix two ICEs seen with -fno-tree-forwprop (PR tree-optimization/84178)

[PATCH/testsuite] avoid test failures with -fpic

[PATCH] PR libgcc/59714 complex division is surprising on aarch64

[PATCH] -Wformat: fix nonsensical "wide character" message (PR c/84258)

[PATCH] [ARC] Cleanup unused functions.

[PATCH] [Microblaze]: PIC Data Text Relative

[PATCH] [RFC] rs6000: -mreadonly-in-sdata (PR82411)

Re: [PATCH] __VA_OPT__ fixes (PR preprocessor/83063, PR preprocessor/83708)

[PATCH] Add "native" as a valid option value for -march= on aarch64 (PR driver/83193).

[PATCH] Add "native" as a valid option value for -march= on i386 (PR driver/83193).

[PATCH] add -Wstringop-overflow to LTO options (PR 84212)

[PATCH] Add limit for maximal alignment options (PR c/84310).

[PATCH] Add sanitizer support for AArch64 ILP32

[PATCH] Adjust PR84278 testcase

[PATCH] adjust warning_n() to take uhwi (PR 84207)

[PATCH] AIX 7.1 and 7.2 configure support

[PATCH] Allow (again) const variables with zero (or no) initializers in .bss* named sections (PR middle-end/84237)

[PATCH] avoid bogus -Wstringop-truncation when inlining (PR 84480)

[PATCH] Avoid BSWAP with floating point modes on rs6000 (PR target/84226)

[PATCH] avoid warning for members declared both aligned and packed (PR 84108)

[patch] better explain $target.h vs $target-protos.h in internals manual

Re: [PATCH] C++: avoid most reserved words as misspelling suggestions (PR c++/81610 and PR c++/80567)

[PATCH] c++: Fix spurious fallthrough warning on break

[PATCH] CET shouldn't be enabled in 32-bit run-time libraries by defualt

[PATCH] Character length cleanup for Coarray Fortran library

[PATCH] Cherry-pick libsanitizer pointer-pair tristate option.

[PATCH] combine: Fix problem with RTL checking

[PATCH] combine: Update links correctly for new I2 (PR84169)

[PATCH] consider successor blocks when avoiding -Wstringop-truncation (PR 84468)

Re: [PATCH] correct -Wrestrict handling of arrays of arrays (PR 84095)

[PATCH] Correct debug for -mcall-ms2sysv-xlogues stubs (PR target/83917, take 2)

[PATCH] cortex-a57-fma-steering.c fixes (PR target/84272)

[PATCH] Defer pow (C, x) folding until after vectorization always (PR middle-end/82004)

[PATCH] diagnose specializations of deprecated templates (PR c++/84318)

[patch] Do not generate libcalls to __unord[sd]f2 on PowerPC SPE

[PATCH] Do not use bit and for conjunction of predicates (PR c/81272).

[Patch] Document __builtin_extend_pointer

[PATCH] expand description of poly_int conversions

[PATCH] Fix *{add,sub,and,ior,xor}v*3 patterns on AVX512* (PR target/84524)

[PATCH] Fix -fcompare-debug failure on pr84146.c (PR target/84146)

[PATCH] Fix <avx512>_vpermi2var<mode>3_mask (PR target/84336)

Re: [PATCH] Fix a brown paper bag bug in my recent match.pd change (PR middle-end/84309)

[PATCH] Fix aarch64_simd_reg_or_zero predicate (PR fortran/84565)

[PATCH] Fix bogus function cast warning for functions with common arg subset

Re: [PATCH] Fix bootstrap with GCC 3.4 (and likely anything < 4.4 except 4.2.[0-3]) (PR bootstrap/84405)

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap with GCC 4.2.1 (PR82939)

Re: [PATCH] Fix builtin_mathfn_code ICE on internal fns (PR c++/84444)

[PATCH] Fix debug for -mcall-ms2sysv-xlogues stubs fallout (PR target/83917)

[PATCH] Fix driver -fsanitize= handling with -static (PR sanitizer/84285)

[PATCH] FIx endless match.pd recursion on cst1 + cst2 + cst3 (PR tree-optimization/84334)

[PATCH] Fix endless match.pd recursion on cst1 + cst2 + cst3 (PR tree-optimization/84334, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix floating point handling in dom (PR tree-optimization/84235)

[PATCH] Fix formatting of -ftime-report.

Re: [PATCH] Fix gcc.target/aarch64/sve/peel_ind_1.c for -mcmodel=tiny

[PATCH] Fix gcc.target/i386/pr84309.c testcase (PR target/84575)

[PATCH] Fix get_range_strlen (PR tree-optimization/84339)

[PATCH] Fix handling of arguments in statement functions

[PATCH] Fix handling of variable length fields in structures (PR c/82210)

[PATCH] Fix hang in inline_small_functions (PR ipa/84425)

[PATCH] Fix i18n in warn_spec_missing_attributes (PR 83871)

[PATCH] fix ICE in generic_overlap (PR 84526)

[PATCH] Fix ICE in maybe_diag_stxncpy_trunc (PR tree-optimization/84383)

[PATCH] Fix ICE with -mforce-indirect-call (PR target/84564)

RE: [PATCH] Fix ICE with CET and -g (PR target/84146)

[PATCH] Fix ISA masks for wmmintrin.h builtins (PR target/84335)

Re: [PATCH] Fix lambdas in template default argument of inherited ctor. (backport for PR 81860)

[PATCH] Fix LRA ICE in lra_substitute_pseudo on DEBUG_INSN (PR rtl-optimization/83723)

[Patch] Fix lto-wrapper link flags

[PATCH] Fix missing info for -march and -mtune wrong values on aarch64 (PR driver/83193).

[PATCH] Fix ms_struct/-mms-bitfields structure layout (PR target/52991)

[PATCH] Fix pdftex miscompilation due to get_range_strlen (PR tree-optimization/84478)

Re: [PATCH] Fix pdftex miscompilation due to get_range_strlen (PR tree-optimization/84478, take 2 and 3)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/71546 - lambda capture fails with "was not declared in this scope"

[PATCH] Fix PR81038

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR83008

[PATCH] Fix PR84037 some more

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR84101, account for function ABI details in vectorization costs

[PATCH] Fix PR84190

[PATCH] Fix PR84233

[PATCH] Fix PR84278

[PATCH] Fix PR84399

[PATCH] Fix PR84417

[PATCH] Fix PR84466

[PATCH] Fix PR84512

[PATCH] Fix PR84584

[PATCH] Fix PR84607

[PATCH] Fix PRs 84204, 84205 and 84223

[PATCH] Fix pt.c bootstrap breakage

Re: [PATCH] Fix store merging (PR tree-optimization/84503)

[PATCH] Fix timevar format and fix tests (PR testsuite/84597).

[PATCH] Fix tsan race_on_mutex.c testcase (PR80551)

[PATCH] Fix TYPE_EMPTY_P handling - x86_64 ABI issue (PR target/84502)

[PATCH] Fix ubsan in gimple-fold.c (PR tree-optimization/82491).

[PATCH] Fix up compound literal handling in C FE (PR sanitizer/84307)

Re: [PATCH] Fix up ipa_vr_ggc_hash_traits::hash

[PATCH] Fix var-tracking ICE introduced in poly_int conversion (PR debug/84252)

Re: [PATCH] Fix vectorizer ICEs with -ftrapv (PR tree-optimization/81661, PR tree-optimization/84117)

[PATCH] for Re: netgull.com mirror doesn't have gcc release .sig files.

Re: [PATCH] gold: Use autotools pthread macro

[PATCH] handle fallout from attributes patch (PR 84617)

[PATCH] Handle PowerPC64 ELFv1 function descriptors in libbacktrace (PR other/82368)

Re: [PATCH] have -Wformat-overflow handle -fexec-charset (PR 80503)

[PATCH] i386: Add __x86_indirect_thunk_nt_reg for -fcf-protection -mcet

[PATCH] i386: Don't generate alias for function return thunk

[PATCH] i386: Mask out the CF_SET bit for -fcf-protection check

[PATCH] i386: Pass INVALID_REGNUM as invalid register number

[PATCH] i386: Update -mfunction-return= for return with pop

[PATCH] Improve # IVs generated by the vectorizer for strided loads/stores (PR84037)

[PATCH] Improve dead code elimination with -fsanitize=address (PR84307)

[PATCH] Improve pow (C, x) -> exp (log (C) * x) optimization (PR middle-end/84309)

[PATCH] Improve pow (C, x) -> exp (log (C) * x) optimization (PR middle-end/84309, take 2)

[PATCH] jit: fix link on OS X and Solaris (PR jit/64089 and PR jit/84288)

Re: [PATCH] libgcc: xtensa: fix build with -mtext-section-literals

[PATCH] libstdc++-v3: Check for TLS support on mingw

Re: [PATCH] make -Wrestrict for strcat more meaningful (PR 83698)

[PATCH] Make groups more generic (PR gcov-profile/84548).

[PATCH] matcher-1.m: Change return type to int

[PATCH] merge attributes from function template redeclarations (PR 84294)

[Patch] Minor GCC documentation correction for -Wformat-overflow

[PATCH] More PR84037 fixing

[PATCH] MPX and CET changes in release notes

[PATCH] POPCOUNT folding optimizations

[PATCH] PowerPC PR target/84154, fix floating point to small integer conversion regression

[PATCH] PR 78534, 84509 Fix libgfortran API for PAUSE statement

[PATCH] PR 83975 Associate target with non-constant character length

[PATCH] PR 84519 Handle optional QUIET specifier for STOP and ERROR STOP

[PATCH] PR c/46921 Lost side effect when struct initializer expression uses comma operator

[PATCH] PR fortran/30792 -- Substring data-implied-do is invalid

[PATCH] PR fortran/51434 -- ICE in gfc_simplify_transfer

[PATCH] PR fortran/82049 -- resolve a charlen if possible

[PATCH] PR fortran/84346 -- Keywords invalid in statement functions

[PATCH] PR fortran/84511 -- Fix C_LOC in a transfer statement

[PATCH] PR gcc/68256 Defining TARGET_USE_CONSTANT_BLOCKS_P causes go bootstrap failure on aarch64.

Re: [PATCH] PR libgcc/59714 complex division is surprising on aarch64

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/84532 prevent unwrapping of reference_wrapper arguments

[PATCH] PR preprocessor/84517 allow double-underscore macros after string literals

[PATCH] PR target/81084: Hide irrelevant powerpcspe options

Re: [PATCH] PR52665 do not let .ident confuse assembler scan tests

[PATCH] pr84014 testcase fix

Re: [PATCH] PR84068: Fix sort order of SCHED_PRESSURE_MODEL

[PATCH] Put pass_sancov_O0 before pass_lower_switch with -O0 (PR sanitizer/82183).

[PATCH] Recognize a missed usage of a sbfiz instruction

[PATCH] Reduce number of pre_and_rev_post_order_compute calls via domwalk

[PATCH] replace ICE with error for failed template deduction (PR 84355)

[PATCH] Respect TMPDIR value in contrib scripts

[PATCH] Revert behavior to r251316.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Change sp subtracts so prologue stores can compress.

[PATCH] RISC-V: define _REENTRANT with -pthread

RE: [PATCH] RL78 new "vector" function attribute

[PATCH] RL78 one_cmplhi2 improvement

[PATCH] rs6000: Warn for deprecated options


[PATCH] S/390: Disable prediction of indirect branches

[PATCH] Small -ftrapv improvement

[Patch] test_summary: handle single quotes

[PATCH] Tweak gcc.target/i386/avx2-vp{add,sub}q-3.c (PR target/82851)

[PATCH] Tweak ssa-dom-cse-2.c testcase (PR tree-optimization/84232)

[PATCH] Use -fcf-protection=return in cet-intrin-4.c

[PATCH] Use ptr_mode to save/restore pointers in builtin jmpbuf

[PATCH] Use warning_n instead of warning_at in gimple-ssa-warn-restrict.c

[PATCH] WebAssembly: Disable subdirectory configuration for unsupported LD

[PATCH] x86: Force __x86_indirect_thunk_reg for function call via GOT

[PATCH], Document the PowerPC --with-long-double-format={ibm,ieee} configuration options

[PATCH][AArch64] PR target/84164: Relax predicate in *aarch64_<optab>_reg_di3_mask2

[PATCH][AArch64] PR84114: Avoid reassociating FMA

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Use LDP/STP in shrinkwrapping

Re: [PATCH][AArch64][1/3] PR target/84164: Simplify subreg + redundant AND-immediate

[PATCH][AArch64][1/3] PR target/84164: Simplify subreg + redundant AND-immediate (was: PR target/84164: Relax predicate in *aarch64_<optab>_reg_di3_mask2)

[PATCH][AArch64][2/3] PR target/84164: Add ZERO_EXTRACT + LSHIFTRT pattern for BFXIL instruction

Re: [Patch][aarch64][PR target/83335] Fix regression, ICE on gcc.target/aarch64/asm-2.c

[PATCH][C++] Fix PR84281

[PATCH][committed] Fix FRAME_RELATED_P marker for rx port

[PATCH][committed] Fix ICE in maybe_record_trace_start

[PATCH][committed] Fix trivial rl78 failure

[PATCH][committed][PR middle-end/82123] 06/06 Use EVRP range data in another query

[PATCH][committed][PR target/83760] Fix several instances of maybe_record_trace_start ICEs on sh

[PATCH][committed][PR tree-optimization/82123] 01/06 Do nothing in EVRP analyzer is not optimizing

[PATCH][committed][PR tree-optimization/82123] 02/06 Perform EVRP analysis in sprintf warning pass

[PATCH][committed][PR tree-optimization/82123] 03/06 Query EVRP range data in sprintf warning pass

[PATCH][committed][PR tree-optimization/82123] 04/06 Make vr_values available where needed

[PATCH][committed][PR tree-optimization/82123] 05/06 Use EVRP range data in get_int_range.

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] Silence ARM_ARCH redefinition warning and keep better track of architecturs already emitted.

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] Silence more re-definition warnings, make test case failure case more explicit.

Re: [patch][i386, AVX] Adding missing mask[z]_range[_round]_s[d,s] intrinsics

Re: [patch][i386, AVX] Adding missing mask[z]_scalef_round_s[d,s] intrinsics

Re: [patch][i386, AVX] Adding missing mask[z]_sqrt_round_s[d,s] intrinsics

[patch][i386] Adding pconfig, wbnoinvd and wbinvd intrinsics

[PATCH][i386] Adjust vec_construct cost for AVX256/512, penaltize elementwise load vectorization

[patch][i386] Fix for PR83828

[PATCH][i386] Fix ix86_loop_unroll_adjust

[PATCH][i386][3/3] PR target/84164: Make *cmpqi_ext_<n> patterns accept more zero_extract modes

[PATCH][Middle-end][version 3]2nd patch of PR78809 and PR83026

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Add IntegerRange for Wcatch-value= option.

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Fix documentation typos (PR other/80589).

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Fix GCOV documentation (PR gcov-profile/84137).

Re: [PATCH][PR c++/82888] smarter code for default initialization of scalar arrays

RE: [PATCH][PR target/84066] Wrong shadow stack register size is saved for x32

[PATCH][PR84213] DWARF: no location for non-definition DECLs with non-trivial DECL_VALUE_EXPR

Re: [PATCH][RFA][PR target/84128] Fix restore of scratch register used in probing loops

[PATCH][RFA][PR target/84128] Fix restore of scratch register used in probing loops -- V2

[PATCH][wwwdocs][arm] Mention new -mcpu and -march extensions

Re: [patch][x86] -march=icelake

[PATCH][x86] Fix PR84460

[PATCH]] PR target/81084: Fork documentation for powerpcspe and clean up

[PATCHv2][PR 81376] Remove unnecessary float casts in comparisons

[PATCHv2][PR target/81535] Fix tests on Power

[PING #2] [PATCH] make -Wrestrict for strcat more meaningful (PR 83698)

Re: [PING #3] [PATCH] make -Wrestrict for strcat more meaningful (PR 83698)

[PING] [PATCH] [MSP430] PR79242: Implement Complex Partial Integers

[PING] [PATCH] consider successor blocks when avoiding -Wstringop-truncation (PR 84468)

[PING] Re: [PATCH] C++: avoid most reserved words as misspelling suggestions (PR c++/81610 and PR c++/80567)

[PING][PATCH v3] Disable reg offset in quad-word store for Falkor

[PR 83990] Fix location handling in ipa_modify_call_arguments

[PR bootstrap/56750] implement --disable-stage1-static-libs

[PR c++/84263] GC ICE with decltype

[PR c++/84426] ICE after conflicting member decl

[PR c++/84492] return stmt expr ending with overload

[PR c++/84593] ice on braced init with uninit ref field

[PR c++/84596] implicit conv in static assert

[PR c++/84602] ICE with anon-struct

[PR c/84293] Unexpected strict-alias warning

[PR middle-end/82123] 00/06 Use EVRP range data in sprintf warnings

[PR target/84089] handle E_VOIDmode in PA's base14_operand

Re: [PR tree-optimization/84047] missing -Warray-bounds on an out-of-bounds index

[PR tree-optimization/84224] do not ICE on malformed allocas

Re: [PR81611] improve auto-inc

Re: [PR83370][AARCH64]Use tighter register constraints for sibcall patterns.

[RFA PATCH] Bug 84094 - several correctness issues in gfortran.dg

[RFA][PATCH][PR middle-end/61118] Improve tree CFG accuracy for setjmp/longjmp

[RFC PATCH] avoid applying attributes to explicit specializations (PR 83871)

[RFC] Adds a target hook

[RFC] Tree loop unroller pass

[RFC] Tree Loop Unroller Pass

Re: [RFC] Tree loop unroller pass

Re: [RFC] Tree Loop Unroller Pass

[RFC][AARCH64] Implements target hook

[RFC][AARCH64] Machine reorg pass for aarch64/Falkor to handle prefetcher tag collision

Re: [RFC][PATCH v2] PR preprocessor/83173: Additional check before decrementing highest_location

[RFC][PATCH] Stabilize a few qsort comparison functions

Re: [RFC][PR82479] missing popcount builtin detection

[RX] Fix PR 83831 -- Unused bclr, bnot, bset insns

Re: [SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 7/9] [LVU] Introduce location views

Re: [SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 9/9] [IEPM] Introduce inline entry point markers

Re: [SLP/AArch64] Fix unpack handling for big-endian SVE

[testsuite, committed] Require alloca in gcc.dg/pr83844.c

[testsuite, committed] Require et alloca for Wstringop-overflow-3.c

[testsuite, committed] Require et indirect_jumps for pr84136.c

[testsuite, committed] Require global_constructor in gcc.dg/torture/pr83055.c

[testsuite] Make lto.exp work with Tcl 8.4

[testsuite] Require et alloca for pr82210.c

[v3 PATCH] Implement the missing bits of LWG 2769

[v3 PATCH] PR libstdc++/84601

Re: [wwwdocs] GCC-7.3 changes: Add note about LEON3FT erratum workaround

Re: [x86,avx] Fix __builtin_cpu_supports for icelake and cannonlake isa

[x86] Fix CLWB documentation.

[x86] Remove CLWB from cannonlake.

AArch64 patch ping

Add "native" as a valid option value for -march= on arm (PR driver/83193).

Add a DECL_EXPR for VLA pointer casts (PR 84305)

Add testcase for PR79966

Another AArch64 patch ping

Another fix for single-element permutes (PR 84265)

Re: Avoid assembler warnings from AArch64 constructor/destructor priorities

Re: Avoid cc1 SEGV in gcc.dg/rtl/x86_64/final.c (PR target/79975)

build failure x86_64

C++ PATCH for c++/70468, ICE with constructor delegation via typedef.

C++ PATCH for c++/71784, ICE with explicit specialization and ref-qualifier

C++ PATCH for c++/81589, error with is_trivially_constructible

C++ PATCH for c++/81853, constexpr and using-directive

C++ PATCH for c++/81917, ICE with self-referential partial specialization

C++ PATCH for c++/82664, infinite recursion with ref-to-fn non-type parameter

C++ PATCH for c++/82764, C++17 ICE with empty base

C++ PATCH for c++/83227, C++17 ICE with list derived-to-base conversion

C++ PATCH for c++/83835, C++17 error with constexpr constructor

C++ PATCH for c++/84015, ICE with class deduction and auto template parm

C++ PATCH for c++/84036, ICE with variadic lambda capture

C++ PATCH for c++/84045, dependent typedefs and noexcept

C++ PATCH for c++/84080, ICE with return type deduction and specialization

C++ PATCH for c++/84126, ICE with variadic generic lambda

C++ PATCH for c++/84151, wrong volatile load calling static member function

C++ PATCH for c++/84160, ICE with nested variadic lambda capture

C++ PATCH for c++/84181, ICE with capture in template argument

C++ PATCH for c++/84182, ICE with captured lambda

C++ PATCH for c++/84296, ICE with qualified-id

C++ PATCH for c++/84338, wrong variadic sizeof

C++ PATCH for c++/84368, wrong error with local in variadic lambda

C++ PATCH for c++/84376, ICE with missing template arguments

C++ PATCH for c++/84420, ICE with structured binding in lambda

C++ PATCH for c++/84421, wrong error with type-dependent constexpr if

C++ PATCH for c++/84424, ICE with constexpr and __builtin_shuffle.

C++ PATCH for c++/84429, ICE capturing VLA

C++ PATCH for c++/84441, ICE with base initialized from ?:

C++ PATCH for c++/84447, ICE with deleted inherited ctor and default arg

C++ PATCH for c++/84489, dependent default template argument

C++ PATCH for c++/84520, ICE with generic lambda in NSDMI

C++ PATCH for c++/84551, ICE with concepts and DEBUG_BEGIN_STMT

C++ PATCH for c++/84559, ICE with constexpr VLA

C++ PATCH for c++/84560, ICE capturing multi-dimensional VLA

C++ PATCH for more variadic capture issues

Re: C++ PATCH to fix ICE in generic lambda with user-defined conversion (PR c++/84125)

C++ PATCH to fix ICE with constexpr operator"" (PR c++/84325)

C++ PATCH to fix ICE with invalid cast (PR c++/84493)

C++ PATCH to fix ICE with suggestions (PR c++/84537)

Re: C++ PATCH to fix ICE with vector expr folding (PR c++/83659)

Re: C++ PATCH to fix rejects-valid with constexpr ctor in C++17 (PR c++/83692)

C++ PATCH to fix static init with () in a template (PR c++/84582)

C++ PATCH to kill cxx_print_statistics

C++ PATCH to update __cpp_deduction_guides

Check array indices in object_address_invariant_in_loop_p (PR 84357)

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-8.1-b20180128.pt_BR.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-8.1-b20180128.ru.po'

Do not lose track of resolution info due to tree merging

Don't vectorise zero-step rmw operations (PR 84485)

edit your images

Extend aligned_membuf<> usage

Fallout: PR84340

Fix find_widening_optab_handler_and_mode assertion (PR 84406)

Re: Fix gnat.dg/lto20.adb XPASS

Fix ICE with scalar_storage_order attribute at -O

Re: Fix LRA subreg calculation for big-endian targets

Fix overflow in lto-partition.c

Fix PR debug/84545

Fix PR rtl-optimization/83496

Re: Fix PR rtl-optimization/84071

Fix slow value range hash

Fix small regression in -fdump-ada-spec

Fix some _GLIBCXX_DEBUG pretty printer errors

Fix VR_ANTI_RANGE handling in intersect_range_with_nonzero_bits (PR 84321)

Fixed incorrect TARGET_MEM_REF alignment (PR 84419)


Game Developers Conference-2018

gcc testsuite changes for new linker messages

Go patch committed: Always check for nil pointer in value method

Go patch committed: Avoid negative zero in float constants

Go patch committed: Correct parse of parenthesized select case

Go patch committed: Don't error for goto over type or const declaration

Go patch committed: Don't export function descriptors for unexported names

Go patch committed: Don't incorrectly evaluate range variable

Go patch committed: error on func declaration/definition

Go patch committed: Give error for non-int arguments to make

Go patch committed: Ignore aliases in fieldtracking info

Go patch committed: In range, evaluate array if it has receives or calls

Go patch committed: Look through aliases for type compatibility

Go patch committed: Make single Btype for methods table of identical interface types

Go patch committed: Mark structs to use structural equality

Go patch committed: Omit the field name for embedded fields in the reflect string

Go patch committed: Permit empty statements after a fallthrough statement

Go patch committed: Track //go:nointerface in export data

Go patch committed: Treat void_type_node as zero sized

Go patch committed: Turn on escape analysis by default

Go patch committed: Update iota handling to current spec

gotools patch committed: Add options to permit tests to use C++

gotools patch committed: Increase test timeout

libgo patch committed: Add -L option for libatomic when using -pthread

libgo patch committed: Add 64-bit RISC-V support

libgo patch committed: add more preemption checks

libgo patch committed: Adjust math flags, use them for testing

libgo patch committed: Check for preemption in fast syscall return

libgo patch committed: Correct runtime structfield type to match reflect

libgo patch committed: Don't call funcPC from a function

libgo patch committed: Don't drop last flag from _cgo_flags entry in archive

libgo patch committed: Enable escape analysis tests in reflect package

libgo patch committed: Fix handling of getaddrinfo return type

libgo patch committed: Get missing function name from symbol table in funcfileline

libgo patch committed: Get missing function names from symbol table

libgo patch committed: scan register backing store on ia64

libgo patch committed: Update AIX memory allocation

libgo patch committed: Update to 1.10rc2

libgo patch committed: Update to final Go 1.10 release

libgo patch committed: Use write barrier for atomic pointer functions

Make fix for PR 83965 handle SLP reduction chains

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

Re: Mising Patch #2 from the RISC-V v3 Submission

New Brazilian Portuguese PO file for 'cpplib' (version 8.1-b20180128)

New French PO file for 'gcc' (version 8.1-b20180128)

New Russian PO file for 'cpplib' (version 8.1-b20180128)

New Spanish PO file for 'gcc' (version 8.1-b20180128)

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 8.1-b20180128)

Re: patch for PR82444

patch for PR84359

Patch ping

Patch ping (Re: [PATCH PR82965/PR83991]Fix invalid profile count in vectorization peeling)

PATCH to fix bogus warning with -Wstringop-truncation -g (PR tree-optimization/84228)

PATCH to fix ICE with -Wstringop-overflow and VLA (PR tree-optimization/84238)

patch to fix PR57193

Patch to fix PR70023

patch to fix PR81572

PING [PATCH] -mjsr option bug fix

PING [PATCH] RX movsicc degrade fix

Re: PING Fwd: [patch] implement generic debug() for vectors and hash sets

PING: [PATCH] i386: Add __x86_indirect_thunk_nt_reg for -fcf-protection -mcet


PING: [PATCH] Use dlsym to check if libdl is needed for plugin

PING^2: [PATCH] i386: Add __x86_indirect_thunk_nt_reg for -fcf-protection -mcet


Please accept this commit for the trunk

Re: plugin-api.h patch to add a new interface for linker plugins

RE: PR 84154: Fix checking -mibt and -mshstk options for control flow protection

PR libstdc++/81797 Add .NOTPARALLEL to include/Makefile for darwin

PR tree-optimization/84225: do not pass non-integers to operation_no_trapping_overflow

PR84229 part 1: Avoid cloning of functions that calls va_arg_pack

PR84239, Reimplement CET intrinsics for rdssp/incssp insn

PR84300, ICE in dwarf2cfi on ppc64le

Reduce inline limits a bit to compensate changes in inlining metrics

Remove -q passed to grep in gcc-plugin.m4

RFA: Fix PR 68028: LTO error when compiling PowerPC binaries with single precision floating point

RFA: PATCH to build_type_attribute_qual_variant for c++/84314, ICE with fastcall

RFA: PR 84154: Fix checking -mibt and -mshstk options for control flow protection

RFA: Sanitize deprecation messages (PR 84195)

RFC (DECL_CONSTRUCTOR_P): C++ PATCH for c++/83911, ICE with multiversioned constructor

Tighten use of HARD_FRAME_POINTER_REGNUM in alias.c (PR 84538)

update LTO test harness README

Use nonzero bits to refine range in split_constant_offset (PR 81635)

Re: Use range info in split_constant_offset (PR 81635)

wwwdocs: An additional release note for powerpc for GCC 8

wwwdocs: Some release notes for powerpc for GCC 8

{PATCH] RL78 movdf define expand

{PR c++/84375] Fix ICE after bad friend

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