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[PATCH 0/5][AArch64] ARMv8.4-A support


The ARMv8.4-A architecture builds on ARMv8.3-A and includes optional cryptographic extensions supporting SHA512, SHA3, SM3 and SM4. New FP16 multiply add/subtract instructions have been added that are mandatory in ARMv8.4-A and optional from ARMv8.2-A onward.  

Although the new cryptographic instructions are introduced in ARMv8.4-A, they may be optionally supported in any architecture implementation from ARMv8.2-A onward.

This patch set adds support to GCC for the ARMv8.4-A architecture and adds new command line options to individually select the existing cryptographic SHA-1/SHA-256 and AES extensions. The existing +crypto option is retained for backward compatibility. New command line options are added for SHA512/SHA3, SM3/SM4 and the FP16 multiply add/subtract extensions. The cryptographic and FP16 multiply add/subtract instructions are exposed as new ACLE intrinsics.

The patches in this series are:

- Add new command line options for SHA-1/SHA-256 and AES including documentation
- Add support for ARMv8.4-A
- Add support for the cryptographic SM3/SM4 extension
- Add support for the cryptographic SHA-512/SHA-3 extension
- Add support for the FP16 multiply add/subtract extension

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