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(patch, fortran] PR83021 - [7/8 Regression] gfortran segfault in polymorphic assignment

Re: 0004-Part-4.-Update-x86-backend-to-enable-Intel-CET

RE: [PATCH, i386] Fix behavior for –mprefer-vector-width= option

[PATCH, i386] Fix behavior for –mprefer-vector-width= option

Re: [PATCH, i386] Fix behavior for –mprefer-vector-width= option

[0/10] Vectoriser testsuite tweaks

[0/4] [AArch64] Add SVE support

[0/4] Add SVE support for load/store_lanes

[0/7] Fold vectorizable_mask_load_store into vectorizable_load/store

Re: [000/nnn] poly_int: representation of runtime offsets and sizes

Re: [001/nnn] poly_int: add poly-int.h

Re: [002/nnn] poly_int: IN_TARGET_CODE

Re: [003/nnn] poly_int: MACRO_MODE

Re: [004/nnn] poly_int: mode query functions

Re: [005/nnn] poly_int: rtx constants

Re: [006/nnn] poly_int: tree constants

Re: [007/nnn] poly_int: dump routines

Re: [008/nnn] poly_int: create_integer_operand

Re: [009/nnn] poly_int: TRULY_NOOP_TRUNCATION

Re: [01/nn] [AArch64] Generate permute patterns using rtx builders

Re: [010/nnn] poly_int: REG_OFFSET

Re: [011/nnn] poly_int: DWARF locations

Re: [012/nnn] poly_int: fold_ctor_reference

Re: [013/nnn] poly_int: same_addr_size_stores_p

Re: [014/nnn] poly_int: indirect_refs_may_alias_p

Re: [015/nnn] poly_int: ao_ref and vn_reference_op_t

Re: [016/nnn] poly_int: dse.c

Re: [017/nnn] poly_int: rtx_addr_can_trap_p_1

Re: [02/nn] Add more vec_duplicate simplifications

Re: [024/nnn] poly_int: ira subreg liveness tracking

Re: [026/nnn] poly_int: operand_subword

Re: [028/nnn] poly_int: ipa_parm_adjustment

Re: [03/nn] [AArch64] Rework interface to add constant/offset routines

Re: [032/nnn] poly_int: symbolic_number

Re: [033/nnn] poly_int: pointer_may_wrap_p

Re: [034/nnn] poly_int: get_inner_reference_aff

Re: [036/nnn] poly_int: get_object_alignment_2

Re: [038/nnn] poly_int: fold_comparison

Re: [039/nnn] poly_int: pass_store_merging::execute

Re: [044/nnn] poly_int: push_block/emit_push_insn

Re: [046/nnn] poly_int: instantiate_virtual_regs

Re: [049/nnn] poly_int: emit_inc

Re: [05/nn] [AArch64] Rewrite aarch64_simd_valid_immediate

Re: [05/nn] Add VEC_DUPLICATE_{CST,EXPR} and associated optab

Re: [050/nnn] poly_int: reload<->ira interface

Re: [053/nnn] poly_int: decode_addr_const

Re: [054/nnn] poly_int: adjust_ptr_info_misalignment

Re: [055/nnn] poly_int: find_bswap_or_nop_load

Re: [057/nnn] poly_int: build_ref_for_offset

Re: [058/nnn] poly_int: get_binfo_at_offset

Re: [06/nn] [AArch64] Add an endian_lane_rtx helper routine

Re: [06/nn] Add VEC_SERIES_{CST,EXPR} and associated optab

Re: [061/nnn] poly_int: compute_data_ref_alignment

Re: [067/nnn] poly_int: get_mask_mode

Re: [069/nnn] poly_int: vector_alignment_reachable_p

Re: [07/nn] [AArch64] Pass number of units to aarch64_reverse_mask

Re: [070/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_reduction

Re: [072/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_live_operation

Re: [074/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_call

Re: [075/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_simd_clone_call

Re: [076/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_conversion

Re: [077/nnn] poly_int: vect_get_constant_vectors

Re: [078/nnn] poly_int: two-operation SLP

Re: [08/nn] [AArch64] Pass number of units to aarch64_simd_vect_par_cnst_half

Re: [082/nnn] poly_int: omp-simd-clone.c

Re: [083/nnn] poly_int: fold_indirect_ref_1

Re: [084/nnn] poly_int: folding BIT_FIELD_REFs on vectors

Re: [085/nnn] poly_int: expand_vector_ubsan_overflow

Re: [087/nnn] poly_int: subreg_get_info

Re: [088/nnn] poly_int: expand_expr_real_2

Re: [089/nnn] poly_int: expand_expr_real_1

Re: [09/nn] [AArch64] Pass number of units to aarch64_expand_vec_perm(_const)

Re: [09/nn] Add a fixed_size_mode_pod class

Re: [090/nnn] poly_int: set_inc_state

Re: [091/nnn] poly_int: emit_single_push_insn_1

Re: [092/nnn] poly_int: PUSH_ROUNDING

Re: [093/nnn] poly_int: adjust_mems

Re: [094/nnn] poly_int: expand_ifn_atomic_compare_exchange_into_call

Re: [095/nnn] poly_int: process_alt_operands

Re: [096/nnn] poly_int: reloading complex subregs

Re: [097/nnn] poly_int: alter_reg

Re: [098/nnn] poly_int: load_register_parameters

Re: [099/nnn] poly_int: struct_value_size

[1/10] Consistently use asm volatile ("" ::: "memory") in vect tests

[1/4] [AArch64] SVE backend support

[1/4] Give the target more control over ARRAY_TYPE modes

[1/7] Move code that stubs out IFN_MASK_LOADs

[10/10] Add a vect_masked_store target selector

Re: [102/nnn] poly_int: vect_permute_load/store_chain

Re: [104/nnn] poly_int: GET_MODE_PRECISION

Re: [105/nnn] poly_int: expand_assignment

Re: [106/nnn] poly_int: GET_MODE_BITSIZE

Re: [107/nnn] poly_int: GET_MODE_SIZE

Re: [12/nn] [AArch64] Add const_offset field to aarch64_address_info

Re: [14/nn] Add helpers for shift count modes

[2/10] Add VECTOR_BITS to tree-vect.h

[2/4] [AArch64] SVE load/store_lanes support

[2/4] [AArch64] Testsuite markup for SVE

[2/7] Make vect_model_store_cost take a vec_load_store_type

[3/10] Add available_vector_sizes to target-supports.exp

[3/4] [AArch64] SVE tests

[3/4] load/store_lanes testsuite markup

[3/7] Split mask checking out of vectorizable_mask_load_store

[4/10] Don't assume vect_multiple_sizes means 2 sizes

[4/4] [AArch64] Tests for SVE structure modes

[4/4] SVE unwinding

[4/7] Split rhs checking out of vectorizable_{,mask_load_}store

[5/10] Add vect_perm3_* target selectors

[5/7] Split out gather load mask building

[6/10] Add a vect_element_align_preferred target selector

[6/7] Split gather load handling out of vectorizable_{mask_load_store,load}

[7/10] Add a vect_unaligned_possible target selector

[7/7] Make vectorizable_load/store handle IFN_MASK_LOAD/STORE

[8/10] Add a vect_variable_length target selector

[9/10] Add a vect_align_stack_vars target selector

Re: [AArch64, testsuite] gcc.target/aarch64/extend.c: xfails for ilp32

Re: [AArch64, testsuite] gfortran.dg/ieee/ieee_8.f90: xfail for aarch64+ilp32

[AARCH64] implements neon vld1_*_x2 intrinsics

Re: [AArch64] Tweak aarch64_classify_address interface

[AArch64] Use aarch64_reg_or_imm instead of nonmemory_operand

[Ada] Accessibility violation flagged on anonymous access component

[Ada] Adjust wording of error message to match the SPARK RM wording

[Ada] Allow calls to Is_CCT_Instance for records

[Ada] Bump size limit for large static aggregates

[Ada] Cleanup of Namet

[Ada] Compiler abort or infinite loop in malformed declaration

[Ada] Confusing warning on finalization actions during elaboration

[Ada] Continue decontruction of SPARK frontend cross-references

[Ada] Crash on access-to-object in SPARK

[Ada] Crash on early call region of SPARK subprogram body

[Ada] Crash on SPARK_Mode with illegal mode

[Ada] Crash on use of Compile_Time_Error in a generic package

[Ada] Deconstruct storing SPARK cross-references in the ALI files

[Ada] Disallow renamings declaring tagged primitives

[Ada] Don't collect inessential data about SPARK cross-references

[Ada] Export Make_Independent from GNAT.Threads

[Ada] Fix bootstrap issue with CodePeer justifications

[Ada] Fix code quality issues reported by CodePeer

[Ada] Fix code quality issues reported by CodePeer at level 3

[Ada] Fix false positive of -gnatw.x on trivial instantiation

[Ada] Fix ICE on defaulted string parameters at -O

[Ada] Fix more precise mode for parameter

[Ada] Fix PR ada/83016

[Ada] Fix PR ada/83091

[Ada] Get rid of warnings about uninitialized variables

[Ada] Handling of elaboration warnings

[Ada] Ignore file and unit names when collecting SPARK cross-references

[Ada] Implementation of AI12-0127 : delta aggregate

[Ada] Improve layout ABI compatibility with C++

[Ada] Improve the performance of the new ABE mechanism

[Ada] Misleading error or crash on illegal call with limited view

[Ada] Missing categorization check on generic subprogram body

[Ada] Missing finalization during deallocation

[Ada] New SPARK access-before-elaboration mechanism

[Ada] pragma Warnings (Off) disabled if warning treated as error

[Ada] Quadratic explosion caused by freezing of contracts

[Ada] Remove dead check in collecting SPARK cross-references

[Ada] Remove spurious warning on useless use-clauses in GNATprove

[Ada] Restriction Static_Dispatch_Tables

[Ada] Rewrite code and add justifications for static analysis

[Ada] Spurious error on overriding of privately inherited primitive

[Ada] Spurious error on pragma Unreferenced

[Ada] Spurious error on read of out parameter in Ada_83 mode

[Ada] Spurious error on System'To_Address in -gnatc mode

[Ada] Spurious ineffective use_clause warning on class-wide type

[Ada] Spurious ineffective use_clause warning on use in boolean condition

[Ada] Spurious warning about unreferenced formal with implicit dereference

[Ada] Spurious warning on elaboration issue in dead code

[Ada] Store SPARK cross-references as Entity_Ids, not strings

[Ada] use_clauses sometimes ignored in generic template

[Ada] Variable reads and writes

[Ada] Warn on missing deallocation of coextension

[Ada] Warn on missing finalization of anonymous access-to-controlled

RE: [ARC] Fix stack unwinding for ARC

[arc] Remove semicolon after do while (0) in FUNCTION_PROFILER

[arm, committed] Remove semicolon after while {} do (0) in HANDLE_NARROW_SHIFT_ARITH

[arm-embedded] [PATCH, GCC/LTO, ping] Fix PR69866: LTO with def for weak alias in regular object file

Re: [build, libgcc, libgo] Adapt Solaris 12 references

[build] Cleanup Solaris linker version checks

[C PATCH] Handle C SWITCH_EXPR in block_may_fallthru (PR sanitizer/81275)

[C PATCH] More constistent treatment of C initializers (PR c/83222)

[C++ Patch, V2] PR 82593 ("Internal compiler error: in process_init_constructor_array, at cp/typeck2.c:1294")

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 82593 ("Internal compiler error: in process_init_constructor_array, at cp/typeck2.c:1294")

[C++ PATCH] Avoid -Wreturn-type warnings if a switch has default label, no breaks inside of it, but is followed by a break (PR sanitizer/81275)

[C++ PATCH] Avoid -Wreturn-type warnings if a switch has default label, no breaks inside of it, but is followed by a break (PR sanitizer/81275, take 2)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix -fsanitize={null,alignment} of references (PR c++/79572)

[C++ PATCH] Fix constexpr VEC_COND_EXPR handling (PR c++/82781)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE on invalid std::tuple_size<...>::value (PR c++/83205)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE with structured binding & to incomplete type (PR c++/83217)

[C++ PATCH] Fix qsort checking ICE on member_name_cmp (PR c++/82401)

[C++ PATCH] Fix structured binding initializer checking (PR c++/81888)

[C++ PATCH] Optimize void COND_EXPRs during cp_fold (PR c++/81675)

[C++ PATCH] overloaded operator fns [6/N]

[C++ PATCH] overloaded operator fns [8/N]

[C++ PATCH] P0329R4: Designated Initialization

[C++ PATCH] P0428R2 - familiar template syntax for generic lambdas

[C++ PATCH] Plural forms for count != eltscnt structured binding diagnostics

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 65579 ("gcc requires definition of a static constexpr member...")

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 80955 (Macros expanded in definition of user-defined literals)

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 81957 ("ICE decltype")

[C++ Patch] PR 82235 (Copy ctor is not found for copying array of an object when it's marked explicit)

[C++ Patch] PR 82293 ("[8 Regression] ICE in nonlambda_method_basetype at gcc/cp/lambda.c:886")

[C++ PATCH] Remove the null check from placement new in all modes

[C++ PING] Re: [C++ Patch, V2] PR 82593 ("Internal compiler error: in process_init_constructor_array, at cp/typeck2.c:1294")

[C/C++ PATCH] Fix ICE in get_atomic_generic_size (PR c++/83059)

[C/C++] Add support for #pragma GCC unroll v3

Re: [Committed, Fortran, Patch, v1] Three small patches for character arrays

[committed[PATCH] Refactoring tree-vrp, step one introducing vr_values

[Committed] un-XFAIL gfortran testcase on FreeBSD.

[committed] 4 more -Wno-return-type for powerpc* testsuite

[committed] ;; to ;

[committed] [AArch64] More aarch64_endian_lane_rtx

[committed] Add selftest for diagnostic_get_location_text

[committed] Add testcase for PR rtl-optimization/81020

[committed] Avoid -Wsurprising warning on OpenMP min/max array reductions (PR fortran/81304)

Re: [committed] diagnostics: get rid of *_at_rich_loc in favor of overloading

[committed] fix -Wstringop-truncation in powerpc64le bootstrap (PR 82948)

[committed] Fix a buglet in store merging (PR tree-optimization/83086)

[committed] Fix declare-simd-1.C testcase failure

[committed] Fix OpenMP ICE with template ctor with default arg (PR c++/82835)

[committed] fix typo in find_jump_threads_backwards()

[committed] Handle very long lines when printing fix-it hints

[committed] hppa-linux: Update baseline symbols

[committed] i386.c diagnostics fix

[committed] jit: update test suite for change to -Warray-bounds

[committed] libcpp: move line typedef and column-numbering comment to top of file

[committed] Minor fixes to stack-check-12 test

[committed] Move selftest::test_diagnostic_context to its own header

[committed] One c-family TREE_INT_CST_LOW -> tree_to_uhwi change

[committed] One further -Wno-return-type testcase tweak

[committed] PR 83104: Avoid two_valued_val_range_p for pointers

[committed] Reject fix-it hints for various awkward boundary cases (PR c/82050)

[committed] Reject invalid #pragma omp declare simd in the C FE

[committed] Remove semicolon after ASM_OUTPUT_ASCII

[committed] v5: C/C++: fix quoting of "aka" typedef information (PR 62170)

[COMMITTED][AArch64] Fix frame tests

[committed][PATCH] Avoid references to vrp_equiv_obstack

[committed][PATCH] Change order of processing blocks/threads in tree-ssa-threadupdate.c

[committed][PATCH] Fix bogus propagation in DOM

[committed][PATCH] Fix probe into the red zone on aarch64

[committed][PATCH] Move classes to earlier point in file

[committed][PATCH] Trivial cleanups to new classes

[cr16, powerpcspe, rs6000] Remove semicolon after ASM_OUTPUT_LABELREF macro body

Re: [Diagnostic Patch] don't print column zero

Re: [doc] Remove Tru64 UNIX and IRIX references in install.texi

[DWARF] mark partial fn versions and OMP frags as partial in dwarf2+ debug info

[Fortran, Patch, v1] Three small patches for character arrays

[fortran] Add support for #pragma GCC unroll v3

[ft32, committed] Remove semicolon after ASM_OUTPUT_ADDR_VEC_ELT

[ft32, spu, committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in REGISTER_TARGET_PRAGMAS

[GCC 9][RFC][PATCH] Optimize PHIs with constant arguments better

[GCC-6.4][ARM][PATCH v2] enable FL_LPAE flag for armv7ve cores

[GCC-6.4][ARM][PATCH] enable FL_LPAE flag for armv7ve cores

[gcc] backport of gcc patch to #gcc-7-branch

[GCC][PATCH][AArch64] Add negative tests for dotprod and set minimum version to v8.2 in the target bit.

[i386] Mask generation in avx2intrin.h

[i386] PR83109 [CET] improper code generation for builtin_longjmp with -fcf-protection -mcet

[libgcc, alpha, vms] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in UPDATE_FS_FOR_CFA_GR

[libgcc, committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in FP_HANDLE_EXCEPTIONS

[libgcc, rs6000] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in REGISTER_CFA_OFFSET_FOR


[libgomp, testsuite, committed] Allow asyncwait-1.c to run for non-nvidia devices

[libobjc, committed] Wrap CLASS_TABLE_HASH in do {} while (0)

[libsanitizer] Fix Mac OS X 10.7 bootstrap (PR sanitizer/82824)

[libstdc++,doc] docs.oracle.com has switched to https

[libstdc++-,doc] Mislocated </variablelist>

[libstdc++-v3] Add configure check for S_ISSOCK

Re: [libstdc++] Expose Airy functions.

[mcore, committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in MCORE_EXPORT_NAME

[mips, committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in ASM_OUTPUT_CASE_END

[mips, committed] Wrap ASM_OUTPUT_LABELREF in do {} while (0)

[Obvious][PATCH][ARM] Fix more -Wreturn-type fallout (gcc.target/arm/pr67989.C)

Re: [PATCH #2], make Float128 built-in functions work with -mabi=ieeelongdouble

[PATCH #2], PR target/81959, Fix ++int to _Float128 conversion on power9

[PATCH 0/2] [SPARC] Fixes for UT699 errata workaround

[PATCH 0/4] [SPARC] Workarounds for UT699, UT700, and GR712RC errata

[PATCH 0/6] [ARC] New baremetal features and fixes

[PATCH 0/7] GCOV: infrastructure clean-up

[PATCH 00/10][ARC] Critical fixes


[PATCH 01/11] C++: Add location wrappers for all constants and decls

[PATCH 01/14] C++: preserve locations within build_address

[PATCH 02/10] [ARC][ZOL] Update uses for hw-loop labels.

[PATCH 02/11] cp_tree::maybe_add_location_wrapper: no-op for template decls

[PATCH 02/14] Support for adding and stripping location_t wrapper nodes

[PATCH 03/10] [ARC] Don't allow the last ZOL insn to be in a delay slot.


[PATCH 03/14] C++: add location_t wrapper nodes during parsing (minimal impl)

[PATCH 04/10] [ARC] Add ARCv2 core3 tune option.

[PATCH 04/11] C++: add cp_expr::strip_any_location_wrapper method

[PATCH 04/14] Update testsuite to show improvements

[PATCH 05/10] [ARC] Add trap instruction.

[PATCH 05/11] C++: finish_call_expr: strip location wrapper

[PATCH 05/14] tree.c: strip location wrappers from integer_zerop etc

[PATCH 06/10] [ARC] Update legitimate constant hook.

[PATCH 06/11] gcc: Handle location wrappers in operand_equal_p

[PATCH 06/14] Fix Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess*.c

[PATCH 07/10] [ARC][FIX] Consider command line ffixed- option.

[PATCH 07/11] c-family: handle location wrappers

[PATCH 07/14] reject_gcc_builtin: strip any location wrappers

Re: [PATCH 07/22] Enable building libgcc with CET options.

[PATCH 08/10] [ARC] Enable unaligned access.

[PATCH 08/11] C++: handle location wrappers

[PATCH 08/14] cp/tree.c: strip location wrappers in lvalue_kind

RE: [PATCH 08/22] Add Intel CET support for EH in libgcc.

[PATCH 09/10] [ARC] Update (u)maddsidi patterns.

[PATCH 09/11] objc: handle location wrappers in objc_maybe_build_component_ref

[PATCH 09/14] Strip location wrappers in null_ptr_cst_p

Re: [PATCH 09/22] Enable building libbacktrace with Intel CET

[PATCH 1/2] [SPARC] Prevent -mfix-ut699 from generating b2bst errata sequences

[PATCH 1/2] Moving parameter manipulation into its own file

Re: [PATCH 1/3] [ARM] Add bus_width_bits to tune_params

[PATCH 1/3][middle-end]PR78809 (Inline strcmp with small constant strings)

[PATCH 1/4] [SPARC] Errata workaround for GRLIB-TN-0012

[PATCH 1/4] Revert "2017-10-04 Petr Ovtchenkov <ptr at void-ptr dot info>"

Re: [PATCH 1/4] Revert "2017-10-04 Petr Ovtchenkov <ptr at void-ptr dot info>"

[PATCH 1/6] [ARC] Add JLI support.

[PATCH 1/7] [libsanitizer, committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in macro body

[PATCH 1/7] GCOV: introduce global vector of functions

[PATCH 1/7]: SVE: Add CLOBBER_HIGH expression

[PATCH 10/10] [ARC] Revamp trampoline implementation.

[PATCH 10/11] i386: handle location wrappers in ix86_handle_cconv_attribute

[PATCH 10/14] warn_for_memset: handle location wrappers

Re: [PATCH 10/22] Enable building libcilkrts with Intel CET

[PATCH 11/11] config: handle location wrappers in various attributes (untested)

[PATCH 11/14] Handle location wrappers in string_conv_p

Re: [PATCH 11/22] Enable building libatomic with Intel CET

[PATCH 12/14] C++: introduce null_node_p

Re: [PATCH 12/22] Enable building libgomp with Intel CET

[PATCH 13/14] c-format.c: handle location wrappers

Re: [PATCH 13/22] Enable building libstdc++-v3 with Intel CET

[PATCH 14/14] pp_c_cast_expression: don't print casts for location wrappers

RE: [PATCH 14/22] Enable building libsanitizer with Intel CET

Re: [PATCH 15/22] Enable building libvtv with Intel CET

Re: [PATCH 16/22] Enable building libssp with Intel CET

Re: [PATCH 17/22] Enable building libquadmath with Intel CET

Re: [PATCH 18/22] Enable building libmpx with Intel CET

Re: [PATCH 19/22] Enable building libgfortran with Intel CET

Re: [PATCH 2/2] [i386] PR82002 Part 2: Correct non-immediate offset/invalid INSN

[PATCH 2/2] [SPARC] Recognize the load when accessing the GOT

[PATCH 2/2] Reimplementation of param-manipulation

Re: [PATCH 2/3] [ARM] Refactor costs calculation for MEM.

[PATCH 2/4] [SPARC] Errata workaround for GRLIB-TN-0011

Re: [PATCH 2/4] enhance overflow and truncation detection in strncpy and strncat (PR 81117)

[PATCH 2/4] libstdc++: istreambuf_iterator keep attached streambuf

[PATCH 2/6] [ARC] Add SJLI support.

[PATCH 2/7] [libquadmath, committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in MPN_MUL_N_RECURSE

[PATCH 2/7] GCOV: simplify usage of function_info::artificial.

[PATCH 2/7] Support >26 operands in generation code.

Re: [PATCH 20/22] Enable building libobjc with Intel CET

[PATCH 21/22] Add extra field to gtm_jmpbuf on x86 only

[PATCH 22/22] Enable building libitm with Intel CET

Re: [PATCH 3/3] [ARM] Add table of costs for AAarch32 addressing modes.

[PATCH 3/4] [SPARC] Errata workaround for GRLIB-TN-0010

Re: [PATCH 3/4] enhance overflow and truncation detection in strncpy and strncat (PR 81117)

[PATCH 3/4] libstdc++: avoid character accumulation in istreambuf_iterator

[PATCH 3/6] [ARC] Add support for "register file 16" reduced register set

[PATCH 3/7] [graphite, committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in DEBUG_PRINT

[PATCH 3/7] Add func to check if register is clobbered by clobber_high

Re: [PATCH 3/7] GCOV: add support for lines with an unexecuted lines.

[PATCH 3/7] GCOV: introduce vector for function_info::counts.

[PATCH 4/4] [SPARC] Errata workaround for GRLIB-TN-0013

[PATCH 4/4] libstdc++: immutable _M_sbuf in istreambuf_iterator

[PATCH 4/6] [ARC] Rework delegitimate_address hook

[PATCH 4/7] [fortran, committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in match macros

[PATCH 4/7] GCOV: remove typedef for function_t

[PATCH 4/7]: lra support for clobber_high

Re: [PATCH 4/9] [SFN] introduce statement frontier notes, still disabled

[PATCH 5/6] [ARC] Add 'uncached' attribute.

[PATCH 5/7] GCOV: remove typedef for arc_t

[PATCH 5/7]: cse support for clobber_high

[PATCH 5/7][committed] Remove semicolon after ASM_OUTPUT_BEFORE_CASE_LABEL macro body

[PATCH 6/6] [ARC] Add 'aux' variable attribute.

[PATCH 6/7] [libcpp,committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in BUF_APPEND

[PATCH 6/7] GCOV: remove typedef for block_t

[PATCH 6/7]: Remaining support for clobber high

Re: [PATCH 6/9] [LVU] Allow final_start_function to skip initial insns

[PATCH 7/7] GCOV: remove typedef of coverage_t.

[PATCH 7/7]: Enable clobber high for tls descs on Aarch64

[PATCH 7/7][committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in DEF_SANITIZER_BUILTIN

[PATCH 8/N][RFC] v2 GCOV: support multiple functions per a line

Re: [PATCH 8/N][RFC][v3]: GCOV: support multiple functions per a line

Re: [PATCH 9/9] [IEPM] Introduce inline entry point markers

[Patch AArch64] Fixup floating point division with -march=armv8-a+nosimd

Re: [Patch AArch64] Stop generating BSL for simple integer code

[patch committed FT32] Add FT32B support

[PATCH GCC][V2]A simple implementation of loop interchange

Re: [PATCH GCC]A simple implementation of loop interchange

[PATCH GCC]Rename and make remove_dead_inserted_code a simple dce interface

[PATCH GCC]Support load in CT_STORE_STORE chain if dominated by store in the same loop iteration

[PATCH libquadmath, pr68686] tgammaq(x) is always negative for noninteger x < 0

[PATCH libstdc++/66689] comp_ellint_3 and ellint_3 return garbage values

[PATCH OBVIOUS]Fix memory leak in tree-predcom.c

[PATCH Obvious]Remove redundant check on component distance

Re: [PATCH PR79868 ][aarch64] Fix error calls in aarch64 code so they can be translated (version 2)

[PATCH PR82726/PR70754][2/2]New fix by finding correct root reference in combined chains

[PATCH PR82726][1/2]Revert previous fixes for PR70754 and PR79663

[PATCH PR82776]Exploit more undefined pointer overflow behavior in loop niter analysis

[PATCH v2 0/4] [SPARC] Workarounds for UT699, UT700, and GR712RC errata

[PATCH v2 1/4] [SPARC] Errata workaround for GRLIB-TN-0012

[PATCH v2 2/4] [SPARC] Errata workaround for GRLIB-TN-0011

[PATCH v2 3/4] [SPARC] Errata workaround for GRLIB-TN-0010

[PATCH v2 4/4] [SPARC] Errata workaround for GRLIB-TN-0013

[PATCH v2.1] Support for adding and stripping location_t wrapper nodes

[PATCH v2: 00/14] Preserving locations for variable-uses and constants (PR 43486)

Re: [PATCH v2] [libcc1] Rename C{,P}_COMPILER_NAME and remove triplet from them

Re: [PATCH v3 1/14] D: The front-end (DMD) language implementation and license.

[PATCH v3 1/4] [SPARC] Errata workaround for GRLIB-TN-0012

Re: [PATCH, 2/4] Handle GOMP_OPENACC_NVPTX_{DISASM,SAVE_TEMPS} in libgomp nvptx plugin

[PATCH, AArch64] Adjust tuning parameters for Falkor

Re: [PATCH, AArch64] Disable reg offset in quad-word store for Falkor.

Re: [PATCH, alpha] Move linux-specific specfile definitions to linux.h

RE: [PATCH, committed] Add myself to MAINTAINERS

[PATCH, committed] Add myself to MAINTAINRS

[PATCH, committed] Fix PR fortran/82884

[patch, doc] Document that new Perl version breaks required automake

[PATCH, docs] Cleanup riscv option docs.

[patch, fortran, not yet complete] Implement maxloc and minloc for character variables

[PATCH, fortran, PR 82869] Introduce default_logical_type_node and logical_type_node

[patch, fortran] Do loop (or index) interchange for FORALL and DO CONCURRENT, take 2

[PATCH, Fortran] Fix PR 82886 - ICE with -finit-derived in gfc_conv_expr

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 83012, rejects-valid regression with contiguous pointer

[patch, fortran] Implement maxloc and minloc for character

[patch, fortran] Implement maxval for characters

Re: [patch, fortran] Index interchange for FORALL and DO CONCURRENT

Re: [patch, Fortran] PR 55806 - Inefficient ANY with array constructors

[Patch, Fortran] PR 82932: [8 Regression] [OOP] ICE in update_compcall_arglist, at fortran/resolve.c:5837

[Patch, fortran] PR69739 - [6/7/8 Regression] ICE during array result, allocatable assignment

[Patch, fortran] PR78619 - [6/7/8 Regression] ICE in copy_reference_ops_from_ref, at tree-ssa-sccvn.c:889

[Patch, fortran] PR78641 - [6/7/8 Regression] [OOP] ICE on polymorphic allocatable function in array constructor

[Patch, fortran] PR78990 [5/6/7 Regression] ICE when assigning polymorphic array function result

[Patch, fortran] PR79072 - ICE with class(*) pointer function result and character value

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR80850 - Sourced allocate() fails to allocate a pointer

[Patch, fortran] PR81447 - [7/8] gfortran fails to recognize the exact dynamic type of a polymorphic entity that was allocated in a external procedure

[Patch, fortran] PR81735 - [6/7/8 Regression] double free or corruption (fasttop) error (SIGABRT) with character(:) and custom return type with allocatable

[Patch, fortran] PR82934 - [6/7/8 Regression] Segfault on assumed character length in allocate

[Patch, fortran] PR83076 - [8 Regression] ICE in gfc_deallocate_scalar_with_status, at fortran/trans.c:1598

[Patch, fortran] PRs 82605, 82606 and 82622 - PDT problems

[PATCH, gcc-7] Add riscv -mstrict-align option.

[PATCH, gcc-7] Add riscv musl support.

[PATCH, gcc-7] Fix RISCV ICE on linux kernel build.

[PATCH, gcc-7] Fix riscv linux kernel boot failure.

[PATCH, gcc-7] Riscv doc fixes and improvements.

[PATCH, GCC/ARM] Do no clobber r4 in Armv8-M nonsecure call

[PATCH, GCC/ARM] Factor out CMSE register clearing code

[PATCH, GCC/ARM] Fix cmse_nonsecure_entry return insn size

[PATCH, GCC/ARM] Fix ICE in Armv8-M Security Extensions code

[PATCH, GCC/ARM] Remove useless variable in CMSE code

[PATCH, GCC/ARM] Use bitmap to control cmse_nonsecure_call register clearing

[PATCH, GCC/testsuite/ARM] Consolidate sources for cmse tests

[PATCH, GCC/testsuite/ARM] Fix selection of effective target for cmse tests

[PATCH, GCC/testsuite/ARM] Rework expectation for call to Armv8-M nonsecure function

[PATCH, GCC/testsuite] Fix retrieval of testname

[PATCH, GCC/testsuite] Improve fstack_protector effective target

[PATCH, i386] Enable option -mprefer-avx256 as default for Intel Skylake configuration

[PATCH, i386] Fix movdi_internal to return MODE_TI with AVX512

[PATCH, i386] Fix registers type for MODE_TI

[PATCH, i386] Fix wrong instruction vpcmpeqd generation

[PATCH, i386] Refactor -mprefer-avx[128|256] options into common -mprefer-vector-width=[none|128|256|512]

[PATCH, i386]: Add bswaphi2 insn pattern

[PATCH, i386]: Better fix for PR 80425

[PATCH, i386]: Improve movbe insn a bit

[patch, libfortran, proof of concept] maxloc for character variables

[PATCH, libgfortran, committed] PR 83070, fix -Wsign-compare warning

[patch, libgfortran] Bug 78549 - [7/8 Regression] Very slow formatted internal file output

[PATCH, libgomp, openacc] Factor out async argument utility functions

[PATCH, libgomp, openacc] Use GOMP_ASYNC_SYNC in GOACC_declare

[PATCH, Makefile.in] refine selftest recipes to restore mingw bootstrap

[PATCH, nds32] Add -mext-perf, -mext-perf2, and -mext-string options.

[PATCH, nds32] Add nds32 vector modes.

[PATCH, nds32] Remove the useless constant UNSPEC_VOLATILE_FUNC_RETURN.

[PATCH, nds32] Reserve more register numbers for new registers in the future.

[PATCH, nds332] Provide more constraints for future use.

[PATCH, rs6000 V2] Add Power 9 support for vec_first builtins

Re: [PATCH, rs6000 V3] Add Power 8 support to vec_revb

Re: [PATCH, rs6000 V4] Add Power 8 support to vec_revb

[PATCH, rs6000 V4] Fixes for commit 254464

[PATCH, rs6000] (v2) fold-vec-ld* testcase updates for power9

[PATCH, rs6000] (v2) fold-vec-splat* testcase updates for power9

[PATCH, rs6000] (v2) GIMPLE folding for vector compares

[PATCH, rs6000] (v2) testcase updates for fold-vec-abs-* for power9 codegen

[PATCH, rs6000] Add __builtin_altivec_vsumsws

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Add Power 9 support for vec_first builtins

[PATCH, rs6000] Add support for usadv16qi and usadv8hi standard patterns

[PATCH, rs6000] Add support to __builtin_cpu_supports() for new HWCAP2 bit

[PATCH, rs6000] correct implementation of _mm_add_pi32 <mmintrin.h>

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Correct some Power9 scheduling info

[Patch, rs6000] Fix register values in ppc-asm.h

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix scheduling description for quad-precision multiply instructions

[PATCH, rs6000] Repair vec_xl, vec_xst, vec_xl_be, vec_xst_be built-in functions

[PATCH, rs6000] Testcase updates for power9 codegen

[Patch, testcase] PR82767 Fix scan-assembler patterns in i386/pr71321.c

[PATCH, testsuite, alpha]: Add testcase for glibc sqrt bug

[PATCH, testsuite]: Fix gcc.target/i386/force-indirect-call-?.c fallout

[PATCH, testsuite]: PR 82828: Fix invalid gcc.target/i386/pr70263-2.c testcase

[PATCH, testsuite]: Remove bswap16, bswap32 and bswap64 effective targets

[PATCH, v2.2] Support for adding and stripping location_t wrapper nodes

[PATCH, wwwdocs] sdb removal release note patch

[PATCH,committed] Fix PR Fortran 82841

[PATCH,committed] Fix PR fortran/78814

[PATCH,doc] Fix latency in pipeline description example

Re: [PATCH,RFC] collect2 LTO for AIX

[PATCH,RFC] combine: Remove use_crosses_set_p

[PATCH] 1/n Refactoring tree-vrp.c, step one introducing vr_values class

[PATCH] [ARC] Reimplement exception handling support.

[PATCH] [ARC] update GLIBC_DYNAMIC_LINKER per glibc upstreaming review comments

RE: [PATCH] [ARC][ZOL] Account for empty body loops

[PATCH] [BRIGFE] Reduce the number of type conversions due to the untyped HSAIL regs

Re: [PATCH] [GOLD] Add plugin API for processing plugin-added input files

Re: [PATCH] [MSP430] [PR78554] Prevent SUBREG from referencing a SYMBOL_REF

[PATCH] [pr#83069] Keep profile_count for bb under real_bb_freq_max

Re: [PATCH] [PR82155] Fix crash in dwarf2out_abstract_function

[PATCH] Ability to remap file names in __FILE__, etc (PR other/70268)

Re: [PATCH] Add -fsanitize=pointer-{compare,subtract}.

[PATCH] Add [[nodiscard]] attribute to C++17 components

[PATCH] Add _Float<N>/_Float<N>X rounding built-ins & improve gimple optimization of _Float<N>/_Float<N>X built-in functions

Re: [PATCH] Add a warning for invalid function casts

Re: [PATCH] Add fields to struct gomp_thread for debugging purposes

[PATCH] Add LVAL argument to c_fully_fold* and propagate it through (PR c/66618, PR c/69960)

[PATCH] Add myself as GCC maintainer

[PATCH] Add noexcept to generic std::size, std::empty and std::data

[PATCH] Add noexcept to std::shared_future copy operations (LWG DR 2799)

Re: [PATCH] Add offset_int to guard HOST_WIDE_INT overflow (PR tree-optimization/82042).

[PATCH] Add option to force indirect calls for x86

[patch] Add support for #pragma GCC unroll

[patch] Add support for #pragma GCC unroll v2

[PATCH] Address SLP cost-model issue of PR83202

[PATCH] ARM testsuite: force hardfp for addr-modes-float.c

[PATCH] Avoid (almost) ix86_binary_operator_ok in sse.md (PR target/82855)

[PATCH] avoid -Wstringop-truncation in Darwin bootstrap

[PATCH] avoid assuming strncat/strncpy don't change length of source string (PR 83075)

[PATCH] Avoid peeling in cunrolli

[PATCH] Avoid static initialization in the strlen pass

[PATCH] Avoid UNSPEC_VOLATILE or volatile ASM_OPERANDS in debug insns (PR debug/83084)

[patch] backwards threader cleanups

Re: [PATCH] BRIG frontend: request for a global review

[PATCH] C++: avoid most reserved words as misspelling suggestions (PR c++/81610 and PR c++/80567)

[PATCH] C++: improve location of static_assert errors

[PATCH] c-family: add name_hint/deferred_diagnostic (v3)

[PATCH] C/C++: more stdlib header hints (PR c/81404) (v4)

[PATCH] C/C++: more stdlib header hints (PR c/81404) (v5)

[PATCH] C: don't suggest names that came from earlier failures (PR c/83056)

Re: [PATCH] Canonicalize constant multiplies in division

Re: [PATCH] Change default to -fno-math-errno

[PATCH] Clear stale entries from int_hash_table

[PATCH] combine: Add added_notes_insn

[PATCH] combine: Do not throw away unneeded arms of parallels (PR83156)

[PATCH] combine: Don't split insns if half is unused (PR82621)

[PATCH] combine: Fix bug in giving up placing REG_DEAD notes (PR82683)

[PATCH] combine: Print insns we try to combine

[PATCH] combine: Print to dump if some insn cannot be combined into i3

[PATCH] complex type canonicalization

[PATCH] Define std::endian for C++2a (P0463R1)

[PATCH] detect nonstring arguments to string functions (PR 82945)

[PATCH] Disable -ftrapping-math by default

[patch] Do not report non-executed blocks in Ada coverage

[Patch] Don't call linker when creating pre-compiled header just because you saw a linker option

[PATCH] Don't split call from its call arg location

Re: [PATCH] enhance -Warray-bounds to detect out-of-bounds offsets (PR 82455)

Re: [PATCH] enhance -Warray-bounds to handle strings and excessive indices

[PATCH] Expensive selftests: torture testing for fix-it boundary conditions (PR c/82050)

Re: [PATCH] Factor out division by squares and remove division around comparisons (2/2)

[PATCH] final: Improve output for -dp and -fverbose-asm

[PATCH] Fix "central flowgraph" typo in machine desc docs

[PATCH] fix -mnop-mcount generate 5byte nop in 32bit.

[PATCH] Fix -Wreturn-type with switches (PR sanitizer/81275)

[PATCH] Fix .debug_rnglists generation with -gdwarf-5 -gsplit-dwarf.

[PATCH] Fix __VA_OPT__ testsuite fallout

Re: [PATCH] Fix all tests that fail with -sanitize=return.

[PATCH] Fix and improve tree-object-size.c pass_through_call

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap-ubsan (PR bootstrap/82670)

[PATCH] Fix bss_initializer_p (PR target/83100)

Re: [PATCH] Fix bug in simplify_ternary_operation

[PATCH] Fix build error

[PATCH] Fix build of gimple-ssa-store-merging.c with -std=c++98

[PATCH] Fix CFG cleanup iteration order

[PATCH] Fix combine's simplify_if_then_else (PR rtl-optimization/81553)

[PATCH] Fix compare-elim.c ICE (PR rtl-optimization/82913)

[PATCH] Fix dwarf2out ICE on VEC_SERIES rtl (PR debug/83034)

[PATCH] Fix dwarf2out ICE with UNSPEC_GOTOFF (PR debug/82837)

[patch] Fix EH breakage in LTO mode

[PATCH] Fix expand_assignment with complex modes with the same size but different inner mode (PR middle-end/82253)

[PATCH] Fix fallthrough attribute ignorance w/ -fsanitize=address (PR sanitizer/82792).

[PATCH] fix fdump-lang-raw ICE

[PATCH] Fix hot/cold partitioning with -gstabs{,+} (PR debug/81307)

[PATCH] Fix i?86 bootstrap (PR rtl-optimization/82044)

[PATCH] Fix ICE in store-merging (PR tree-optimization/82929)

[PATCH] Fix ICE with __RTL and -g (PR debug/82933)

[PATCH] Fix ICEs from expand_mul_overflow (PR target/82981)

[PATCH] Fix libsanitizer bootstrap with glibc 2.26

[PATCH] Fix load_gsi computation in store-merging (PR tree-optimization/83047)

[PATCH] Fix mips hang with --help=target --help=optimizers (PR target/82880)

[PATCH] Fix ms-sysv.exp testsuite FAILs (PR c/83117)

[PATCH] Fix mult expansion ICE (PR middle-end/82875)

[PATCH] Fix PowerPC testsuite not to look for *.c*~ files

[PATCH] Fix powerpc* ICE with vec builtins with -mno-altivec (PR target/82848)

[patch] Fix PR lto/81351

[PATCH] Fix PR tree-optimization/83195 testcase for arm

[PATCH] Fix PR23094

[PATCH] Fix PR80776

[PATCH] Fix PR80846, change vectorizer reduction epilogue (on x86)

[PATCH] Fix pr81706 tests on darwin

[PATCH] Fix PR82402

[PATCH] Fix PR82488 - signed integer overflow in expr.c

[PATCH] Fix PR82795

[PATCH] Fix PR82902

[PATCH] Fix PR82985

[PATCH] Fix PR82991

[PATCH] Fix PR83017 (fortran part)

[PATCH] Fix PR83089

[PATCH] Fix PR83128

[PATCH] Fix PR83158

[PATCH] Fix profiledbootstrap - store-merging aliasing issue (PR bootstrap/82916)

[PATCH] Fix reassoc qsort checking ICE (PR tree-optimization/83221)

[PATCH] Fix recent store-merging ICE (PR tree-optimization/82838)

[PATCH] Fix result for conditional reductions matching at index 0

[PATCH] Fix store-merging of cst followed by load (PR tree-optimization/82954)

Re: [PATCH] Fix test-suite fallout of default -Wreturn-type.

[PATCH] Fix testsuire error message

[PATCH] Fix typo in unordered_map deduction guide, missing "typename ="

[PATCH] Fix UB in hash-map.h

Re: [PATCH] Fix UBSAN errors in dse.c (PR rtl-optimization/82044).

[PATCH] Fix ubsan on mingw hosts (PR sanitizer/83014)

[PATCH] Fix unreachable-2.c testcase (PR sanitizer/83219)

[PATCH] Fix up -Wreturn-type (PR c++/83045)

[PATCH] Fix up predicates for commutative vector comparison (PR target/82855)

[PATCH] Fix up store_merging_13.c FAIL

[PATCH] Fix usage of REG_BR_PROBs (PR target/82927).

[PATCH] Fix use-after-free in the strlen pass (PR tree-optimization/82977)

[PATCH] Fix vec_concatv2di pattern for SSE4 (PR target/80819)

[PATCH] Fix Werror=stringop-overflow in target.c

[PATCH] Fix X +- C1 CMP C2 match.pd folding with -fwrapv (PR tree-optimization/80788)

[PATCH] Fixes for PR68356, PR81210, and PR81693

[PATCH] Further -Wreturn-type testsuite fallout

[PATCH] GCOV: create one intermediate file per a gcno file (PR gcov-profile/82702).

[PATCH] GCOV: do not support unexecuted blocks in Ada

[PATCH] gdbinit.in: add "break-on-diagnostic" command

[PATCH] gdbinit: break on gfc_internal_error

[PATCH] Handle different bit_not_p in store merging (PR tree-optimization/78821)

[PATCH] Handle GOMP_NVPTX_PTXRW in libgomp nvptx plugin

[PATCH] handle invalid array index in warn_placement_new_too_small (PR 83058)

[PATCH] handle non-constant offsets in -Wstringop-overflow (PR 77608)

[PATCH] Handle VEC_SERIES with both constant args in simplify_binary_operation

[PATCH] i386: Update the default -mzeroupper setting

[PATCH] i386: Use reference of struct ix86_frame to avoid copy

Fwd: [patch] implement generic debug() for vectors and hash sets

[PATCH] Implement std::to_address for C++2a

[PATCH] Improve -Wimplicit-fallthrough for nested switches (PR c/79153)

[PATCH] Improve -Wmaybe-uninitialized documentation

[PATCH] Improve __builtin_mul_overflow (uns, 1U << y, &res) (PR target/83210)

[PATCH] Improve aliasing handling in store-merging, handle BIT_NOT_EXPR (PR tree-optimization/78821)

[PATCH] Improve build_simple_mem_ref_loc (PR middle-end/83185)

[PATCH] Improve istream extractors for floating point types

[PATCH] Improve seq_cost (PR middle-end/80929)

[PATCH] Improve store merging to handle load+store or bitwise logicals (PR tree-optimization/78821)

[PATCH] Improve store merging to handle load+store or bitwise logicals (PR tree-optimization/78821, take 2)

[PATCH] Initialize split_branch_probability (PR target/82863).

[PATCH] Initialize variable in order to survive PGO bootstrap.

[PATCH] Install cp/operators.def as part of plugin headers

[PATCH] ipa-fnsummary.c: fix use-after-free crash (PR jit/82826)

[patch] jump threading multiple paths that start from the same BB

[PATCH] make canonicalize_condition keep its promise

Re: [PATCH] Make inlining consistent in LTO and non-LTO mode (PR target/71991).

[PATCH] Make NEXTREC specifier for INQUIRE work for large record numbers

[PATCH] Make shift argument to eoshift0 and eoshift2 be of type index_type

[PATCH] Make shift argument to eoshift0 be of type index_type

[PATCH] MicroBlaze use default ident output generation

[PATCH] Minor improvements to Filesystem tests

[PATCH] Minor tweak to libstdc++ testsuite helper type

[PATCH] Missing noexcept in string_view::find_first_of declaration

[PATCH] Move bswap pass into gimple-ssa-store-merging.c

[PATCH] New lang hook

Re: [PATCH] New option saphira for Qualcomm server part

[PATCH] Optimize %k register comparison against zero (PR target/82855)

[PATCH] Plugin support on Windows/MinGW

[PATCH] PR 44292 Enable large record lengths in OPEN and INQUIRE statements

[PATCH] PR 44292 Handle large record lengths

[PATCH] PR 53796 Improve INQUIRE(RECL=...) handling

[PATCH] PR auto keyword variable lost its attributes/80986

Re: [PATCH] PR debug/81570: dwarf2cfi.c: Update cfa.offset in create_pseudo_cfg

[PATCH] PR fortran/78240 -- kludge of the day

[PATCH] PR fortran/82796 -- common entity in equivalence in pure routine

[PATCH] PR libgcc/83112, Fix warnings on libgcc float128-ifunc.c

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/48101 improve errors for invalid container specializations

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/65927 Fix -Wunused-but-set-parameter warning

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/82777 fix path normalization for dot-dot

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/82917 add missing returns in <fstream>

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/83134 Ensure std::__not_ converts B::value to bool

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/83226 avoid forming pointer-to-reference type

[PATCH] PR83017, parloops part

[patch] prevent .cfi_personality/.cfi_lsda on !dwarf eh configurations

[patch] remove cilk-plus

[PATCH] Remove non needed check in bmp_iter_set_init (PR tree-optimization/82669).

[PATCH] Remove obsolete ECOFF support.

[PATCH] Remove some useless work in PRE


[PATCH] Replace has_single_use guards in store-merging

[PATCH] RFC: add taxonomy IDs to diagnostics (CERT C, CWE, etc)

Re: [PATCH] RFC: Preserving locations for variable-uses and constants (PR 43486)

[PATCH] RISC-V: Add Jim Wilson as a maintainer


[PATCH] RISC-V: Document the medlow and medany code models

[PATCH] RISC-V: Emit "i" suffix for instructions with immediate operands

[PATCH] RISC-V: Fix build error

[PATCH] RISC-V: Handle non-legitimate address in riscv_legitimize_move

[PATCH] RISC-V: If -m[no-]strict-align is not passed, assume its value from -mtune

[PATCH] RISC-V: Implement __umulsidi3, umul_ppmm and __muluw3

[PATCH] RISC-V: Implement movmemsi


[PATCH] Riscv patterns to optimize away some redundant zero/sign extends.

[PATCH] rs6000: Add second variant of adde

[PATCH] rs6000: Cleanup bdz/bdnz insn/splitter, add new insn/splitter for bdzt/bdzf/bdnzt/bdnzf

[PATCH] rs6000: Don't clear TARGET_ISEL implicitly

Re: [PATCH] rs6000: Don't touch below the stack pointer (PR77687)

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix for altivec-macros.c

[PATCH] rs6000: Implement insn_cost for mfcr, mfcrf

[PATCH] rs6000: Improve *lt0 patterns

[PATCH] rs6000: Improve comparison rtx_cost (PR81288)

[PATCH] rs6000: Improve fusion assembler output

[PATCH] rs6000: Improve scc isel

[PATCH] rs6000: move_from_CR_ov_bit is TARGET_PAIRED_FLOAT, not TARGET_ISEL

[PATCH] rs6000: Remove rs6000_emit_sISEL

[PATCH] rs6000: Separate shrink-wrapping for the TOC register

[PATCH] rs6000: Set rs6000_cpu correctly (PR43871)

[PATCH] rs6000: Use isel for the cstore patterns

[PATCH] rs6000_gimple_fold_builtin formatting fixes

[PATCH] RTEMS: Enable some libstdc++ features

[PATCH] Set default to -fomit-frame-pointer

Re: [PATCH] Simplify _Node_insert_return to avoid including <tuple>

Re: [PATCH] Simplify floating point comparisons

[PATCH] Small expand_mul_overflow improvement (PR target/82981)

[patch] tweak gcc.target/mips/msa.c options

[PATCH] Use __BYTE_ORDER__ predefined macro instead of runtime check

[PATCH] Use bswap framework in store-merging (PR tree-optimization/78821)

Re: [PATCH] Use Pcrt1.o%s/gPcrt1.o%s for -static-pie

[PATCH] Use rcrt1.o%s/grcrt1.o%s to relocate static PIE

[PATCH] vrp_prop::check_array_ref fixes (PR tree-optimization/83044)

Re: [PATCH] Zero vptr in dtor for -fsanitize=vptr.

Re: [PATCH], Add rounding built-ins to the _Float<N> and _Float<N>X built-in functions

[PATCH], Enable fminf<x> and fmaxf<x>

[PATCH], Generate XXBR{H,W,D} for bswap{16,32,64} on PowerPC ISA 3.0 (power9)

[PATCH], make Float128 built-in functions work with -mabi=ieeelongdouble

[PATCH], PR 82748, Fix __builtin_fabsq on PowerPC

[PATCH], PR libgcc/83112, Add ifunc support for _mulkc3 and _divkc3

[PATCH], PR middle_end/82333, Make long double/_Float128 constants not hash to the same value on the PowerPC

[PATCH][1/2] Alternate fix for PR81403

[PATCH][1/2] gimple-fold.c part of PR83141

[PATCH][2/2] Alternate fix for PR81403

[PATCH][2/2] gimple-fold.c part for PR83141

Re: [PATCH][aarch64] Put vector fnma instruction into canonical form for better code generation.

Re: [Patch][aarch64] Use IFUNCs to enable LSE instructions in libatomic on aarch64

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Add STP pattern to store a vec_concat of two 64-bit registers


[PATCH][AArch64] Fix address printing on ILP32

[PATCH][AArch64] Fix ICE due to store_pair_lanes

Re: [PATCH][aarch64] Fix pr81356 - copy empty string with wrz, not a ldrb/strb

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Improve aarch64_legitimate_constant_p

[PATCH][AArch64] Improve scheduling model for X-Gene

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Remove aarch64_frame_pointer_required

[PATCH][AArch64] Remove remaining uses of * in patterns

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Restrict POST_INC operand in aarch64_simd_mem_operand_p to register

[PATCH][AArch64] Set default sched pressure algorithm


Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Simplify aarch64_can_eliminate

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Simplify frame layout for stack probing

[PATCH][Aarch64] v2: Arithmetic overflow addv patterns [Patch 2/4]

[PATCH][Aarch64] v2: Arithmetic overflow common functions [Patch 1/4]

[PATCH][Aarch64] v2: Arithmetic overflow subv patterns [Patch 3/4]

[PATCH][Aarch64] v2: Arithmetic overflow tests [Patch 4/4]

[Patch][aarch64][committed] Fix test broken by patch for PR target/81356

[PATCH][ARM,testsuite] Skip copysign_softfloat_1.c on hard-float targets

[PATCH][Arm] Cleanup IT attributes

[PATCH][ARM] Fix more -Wreturn-type fallout

[PATCH][ARM] Fix test armv8_2-fp16-move-1.c

[PATCH][ARM] Fix wrong code by arm_final_prescan with fp16 move instructions

[PATCH][ARM][gcc-7] Fix wrong code by arm_final_prescan with fp16 move instructions

Re: [PATCH][compare-elim] Fix PR rtl-optimization/82597

Re: [PATCH][GCC] Simplification of 1U << (31 - x)

RE: [PATCH][GCC][AARCH64]Bad code-gen for structure/block/unaligned memory access

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] Add Armv8.3-a to AArch32.

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] Dot Product NEON intrinsics [Patch (3/8)]

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] Generate .arch and .arch_extensions for each function if required. [Patch (3/3)]

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] Implement "arch" GCC pragma and "+<ext>" attributes [Patch (2/3)]

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] Refactor arm_option_override to extract global field setters [Patch (1/3)]

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] Restrict TARGET_DOTPROD to baseline Armv8.2-a.

Re: [PATCH][GCC][ARM][AArch64] Testsuite framework changes and execution tests [Patch (8/8)]

[PATCH][GCC][DOCS][AArch64][ARM] Documentation updates adding -A extensions.

[PATCH][GCC][mid-end] Allow larger copies when target supports unaligned access [Patch (1/2)]

[patch][i386, AVX] Adding missing mask[z]_scalef_round_s[d,s] intrinsics

[patch][i386, AVX] Adding missing mask[z]_sqrt_round_s[d,s] intrinsics

RE: [patch][i386, AVX] GFNI enabling [3/4]

Re: [patch][i386, AVX] GFNI enabling [4/4]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VAES support [2/5]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VAES support [3/5]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VAES support [4/5]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VAES support [5/5]

Re: [PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [1/7]

Re: [PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [2/7]

Re: [PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [3/7]

Re: [PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [4/7]

Re: [PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [5/7]

Re: [PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [6/7]

Re: [PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [7/7]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VPCLMULQDQ support

[PATCH][i386] PR82941/PR82942 - Adding vzeroupper generation for SKX

[patch][libgcc] FreeBSD amd64 unwind fix

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] analyze_brprob.py: fix SI units

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Coverage: remove -fkeep-inline-functions from coverage_flags.

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Fix vrp101.c test-case.

[PATCH][PR c++/82888] smarter code for default initialization of scalar arrays

Re: [PATCH][PR c++/82888] smarter code for default initialization of scalar arrays

Re: [PATCH][PR target/81535] Fix tests on Power

[PATCH][RFC] Add quotes for constexpr keyword.

Re: [PATCH][RFC] Instrument function exit with __builtin_unreachable in C++.

[Patch][x86, backport] Backport to GCC-6 vzeroupper patches

[Patch][x86, backport] Backport to GCC-7 vzeroupper patches

[patch][x86,avx] Enable AVX512BITALG

[patch][x86] -march=icelake

RE: [patch][x86] GFNI enabling [2/4]

[patch][x86] skylake costs

Re: [patches] Re: [PATCH] RISC-V: Add Jim Wilson as a maintainer

Re: [patches] Re: [PATCH] RISC-V: Implement __umulsidi3, umul_ppmm and __muluw3

[PATCHv2] Add a warning for invalid function casts

[phoenix, committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in TARGET_OS_CPP_BUILTINS

[PING 2][PATCH] enhance -Wrestrict to handle string built-ins (PR 78918)

[PING**2] [PATCH] Add a warning for invalid function casts

Re: [Ping, Fortran, Patch, v1] Three small patches for character arrays

[Ping] [C++ Patch/RFC] PR 82593 ("Internal compiler error: in process_init_constructor_array, at cp/typeck2.c:1294")

[PING] [PATCH] Add a warning for invalid function casts

Re: [PING] [PATCH] Remove CANADIAN, that break compilation for foreign target

[PING] Ability to remap file names in __FILE__, etc (PR other/70268)

[PING] Plugin support on Windows/MinGW

[Ping][PATCH v2] Fix Incorrect ASan global variables alignment on arm (PR sanitizer/81697)

[Ping][PATCH v3] Fix Incorrect ASan global variables alignment on arm (PR sanitizer/81697)

[PING][PATCH] enhance -Wrestrict to handle string built-ins (PR 78918)

Re: [PING][patch] PR81794: have "would be stringified in traditional C" warning in libcpp/macro.c be controlled by -Wtraditional

Re: [PING][PATCH][compare-elim] Fix PR rtl-optimization/82597

[powerpcspe, rs6000] Remove semicolon after do {} while (0) in SUBTARGET_OVERRIDE_OPTIONS

[PR 81248] Fix ipa-sra size check

[PR 82808] Use result types for arithmetic jump functions

[PR c++/81060] ICE with invalid initialzer via lambda

[PR c++/81574] lambda capture of function reference

[PR c++/82710] false positive paren warning

[PR c++/82836] Fixe testcase

[PR c++/82836] weak pragma checking

[PR c++/82878] pass-by-invisiref in lambda

[PR target/82823] Add testcase

[PR tree-optimization/83022] malloc/memset->calloc too aggressive

Re: [RFA] Implement __VA_OPT__

[RFA][PATCH] 10/n Various class definition cleanups

[RFA][PATCH] 11/n More VRP related cleanups

[RFA][PATCH] 2/n Refactoring tree-vrp.c -- pull evrp bits into their own file

[RFA][PATCH] 3/n Refactoring tree-vrp.c, step #3 introduce vr-values.c

[RFA][PATCH] 8/n Pull evrp range analyzer into its own file

[RFA][PATCH] 9/n Finish moving BB_VISITED handling into range analyzer

[RFA][PATCH] Fix assert on x86 target for -fstack-clash-protection

[RFA][PATCH] Improve initial probe for noreturn functions for x86 target

[RFA][PATCH] patch 4/n Refactor bits of vrp_visit_assignment_or_call

[RFA][PATCH] patch 4/n Refactor bits of vrp_visit_assignment_or_call -- correct patch attached this time

[RFA][PATCH] patch 5/n Cleaning up evrp

[RFA][PATCH] patch 6/n Refactoring evrp

[RFA][PATCH] patch 7/n Introduce evrp_range_analyzer class

[RFA][PATCH] Refactor duplicated code used by various dom walkers

Re: [RFA][PATCH] Stack clash protection 07/08 -- V4 (aarch64 bits)

[RFA][PATCH] Use SCEV conditionally within vr-values and evrp range analysis

Re: [RFA][PATCH] Use SCEV conditionally within vr-values and evrp range analysis - V2

[RFA][PATCH][PR target/82788] Remove uses of PROBE_INTERVAL in x86 target files

[RFC gfortran] PR53478 - gfortran segfaults when module name clashes with C binding name of procedure

Re: [RFC PATCH] Merge libsanitizer from upstream

[RFC v3 00/11] C++: locations for (almost) everything (PR 43486)

Re: [RFC, PR 80689] Copy small aggregates element-wise

RE: [RFC, vectorizer] Allow half_type for left shift in vect_operation_fits_smaller_type?

[RFC] [Patch X86_64]: Pass to split FMA to MUL and ADD

[RFC] Generate sub-tests from libgomp.c/for-{3,5,6}.c

[RFC][PATCH 12/n Embed range analysis in DOM

[RFC][PATCH. CSE. rs6000] Update CSE to handle involutory operations

[RFC][PATCH] Change default to -fcommon

[RFC][PATCH] Extend DCE to remove unnecessary new/delete-pairs



[riscv] Wrap ASM_OUTPUT_LABELREF in do {} while (0)

[SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 1/9] [SFN] adjust RTL insn-walking API

[SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 2/9] [SFN] boilerplate changes in preparation to introduce nonbind markers

[SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 3/9] [SFN] not-quite-boilerplate changes in preparation to introduce nonbind markers

[SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 4/9] [SFN] stabilize find_bb_boundaries

[SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 5/9] [SFN] introduce statement frontier notes, still disabled

[SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 6/9] [SFN] Introduce -gstatement-frontiers option, enable debug markers

[SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 7/9] [LVU] Introduce location views

[SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 8/9] [IEPM] Introduce debug hook for inline entry point markers

[SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 9/9] [IEPM] Introduce inline entry point markers

[sh, committed] Wrap ASM_OUTPUT_ADDR_VEC_ELT in do {} while (0)

Re: [SH][committed] Cleanup div and mul patterns

[SH][committed] Fix PR 83111

[test case, fortran, committed] Test case for PR 70330

[testsuite, committed] Compile strncpy-fix-1.c with -Wno-stringop-truncation

[testsuite, committed] Fix scan pattern in gfortran.dg/implied_do_io_1.f90

[testsuite, committed] Fix scan-assembler patterns in i386/naked-{1,2}.c

[testsuite, committed] Require alloca for c-c++-common/Wstringop-truncation.c

[testsuite] Fix -Wreturn-type fallout in g++.dg/cpp0x/rv-trivial-bug.C on Solaris 10

[testsuite] Fix -Wreturn-type fallout in g++.old-deja/g++.brendan/asm-extn1.C

[testsuite] Remove duplicate dg-do command in gcc.dg/strlenopt-33g.c

[v3 PATCH] Implement LWG 2353

[v3 PATCH] Implement LWG 2733 and LWG 2759

[visium, committed] Remove semicolon after ASM_OUTPUT_CASE_END

[vms, committed] Add missing vmsdbgout_early_finish

[wwwdocs] Adjust a comment in bin/preprocess

[wwwdocs] Adjust link to gcc.opensuse.org

[wwwdocs] Adjust link to Knuth's page in projects/prefetch.html

[wwwdocs] bugs/management.html: add a link, streamline a bit

Re: [wwwdocs] Document Nios II changes for GCC 8

[wwwdocs] Remove blackfin.uclinux.org from readings.html

[wwwdocs] Rotate 2016 news

[wwwdocs] Shorten bugs/index.html a little

[wwwdocs] Tweak subscription information at projects/gupc.html

RE: [x86,avx][patch] Fix PR82983

RE: [x86][patch] Add -march=cannonlake.

Accumulate time in sreals consistently in ipa-fnsummary

Accumulate time in sreals in ipa-fnsplit

Add -std=c18 etc. option aliases

Add __builtin_tgmath for better tgmath.h implementation (bug 81156)

Add an "early rematerialisation" pass

Add an empty_mask_is_expensive hook

Add libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/f-asyncwait-{1,2,3}.c

Add myself as GCC maintainer

Add optabs for common types of permutation

Re: Add support for adjusting the number of units in a mode

Add support for bitwise reductions

Add support for conditional reductions using SVE CLASTB

Add support for fully-predicated loops

Add support for in-order addition reduction using SVE FADDA

Add support for masked load/store_lanes

Add support for reductions in fully-masked loops

Add support for SVE gather loads

Add support for SVE scatter stores

Add support for vectorising live-out values using SVE LASTB

Add unroll-and-jam pass v2

Re: Adjust empty class parameter passing ABI (PR c++/60336)

Allow gather loads to be used for grouped accesses

Allow single-element interleaving for non-power-of-2 strides

Allow targets to pick a vector prefix other than "V"

Allow the number of iterations to be smaller than VF

Avoid ICE in PR82713

Avoid integer profile scaling in tree_transform_and_unroll_loop

Re: Backports for GCC 7 branch

Re: Base subreg rules on REGMODE_NATURAL_SIZE rather than UNITS_PER_WORD

Be stricter about CONST_VECTOR operands

Re: bootstrap-debug-lean + flags in producer vs compare

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/56973 (DR 696), lambda capture of const variables

C++ PATCH for c++/79092, auto template args of different type and same value

C++ PATCH for c++/82219, -Wignored-qualifiers and template

C++ PATCH for c++/82360, ICE with static_cast in template

C++ PATCH for c++/82760, memory corruption with C++17 aligned new

C++ PATCH to defer folding of *&

C++ PATCH to primary_template_instantiation_p

C++ runtime library selection via -stdlib=libstdc++/libc++ (WIP)

Cleanup bb-reorder after conversion to profile-counts

Cleanup ipa-inline inlined time estimates

Cleanup predict.c

Cleanup profile update after loop duplication

cleanup profile use in final.c

cleanup RTL loop insns accounting

Clenaup ipa-fnsummary/ipa-inline after frequency removal

Clenaup tree-ssa-sink after profile revamp

committed: remove unused function (PR 83099)

Disturb profile less in tree-tailcall

Drop frequencies from basic blocks

Drop frequencies from cgraph edges

Enable inc/dec generation on Haswell+

Re-enable profile update in tail merging

fix -fcompare-debug OBJ_TYPE_REF dumps of linker plugin-less LTO builds

Fix -Wreturn-type fallout

Fix -Wreturn-type fallout in c-c++-common/torture/aarch64-vect-lane-2.c

Fix accounting of call edges in inliner

Fix bootstrap miscompare when stage1 is built with different chekcing setting

Fix calculation of ptr_mode for MODE_PARTIAL_INT Pmode

Fix folding of vector mask EQ/NE expressions

Fix gcc-7 and gcc-8 build of GO for Hurd and not kFreeBSD in debian/rules.defs

Fix IPA profile updates in inlining and ipa-split

Fix maybe_hot_frequency_p

Fix mismatched profile type

Fix pasto in to_sreal_scale

Fix PR rtl-optimization/83030

Fix PR53037 failures on strict-alignment platforms

Fix PR81360

Fix PR82849 (ICE in modulo scheduling)

Re: Fix pretty printers for versioned namespace

Fix profile update when producing inline clone

Fix profile updating bug in ipa-split

Fix profile updating in ipa-cp and fixup_cfg

Fix segfault with dump files

Fix typo breaking bootstrap

Fix unsupported prettyprinter test

Fix x86 vectorization cost wrt unsupported 8bit and 64bit integer ops

Fix x86_64 fdo+lto bootstrap

GCC 8.0.0 Status Report (2017-11-03)

GCC 8.0.0 Status Report (2017-11-20)

Generalize -(-X) a little

generic retuning part 1 - x86-tune-costs update

Go patch commited: correct nested_function_num

Go patch committed: Disable escape analysis for the runtime package.

Go patch committed: Don't make map zero value constant

Go patch committed: Remove LHS/RHS setting for variables

Go patch committed: report error for ++/-- applied to a non-numeric type

Handle more SLP constant and extern definitions for variable VF

Handle peeling for alignment with masking

Hurd port for gcc-7 go PATCH 1-3(15)

Hurd port for gcc-7 go PATCH 11-15(15)

Hurd port for gcc-7 go PATCH 4-10(15)

Hurd port for gcc-8 go PATCH 1-3(15)

Hurd port for gcc-8 go PATCH 11-15(15)

Hurd port for gcc-8 go PATCH 4-10(15)

Improve canonicalisation of TARGET_MEM_REFs

Improve ivopts handling of forced scales

Improve spilling for variable-size slots

Improve vectorisation of COND_EXPR <bool op bool, ...>

Increase precision of static profiles

Re: isl scheduler and spatial locality (Re: [PATCH][GRAPHITE] More TLC)

lambda-switch regression

Re: libbacktrace patch committed: Support compressed debug sections

libgo patch committed: Don't assume that reads from address 0 crash

libgo patch committed: Fix Makefile bug setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH

libgo patch committed: Pass -X option to ar on AIX

libgo patch committed: Pass flags to recursive make

libstdc++ PATCH to harmonize noexcept

Make asm statement to cost at least 1 insn

Re: Make istreambuf_iterator::_M_sbuf immutable and add debug checks

Make ivopts handle calls to internal functions

More bitop simplifications in match.pd

More fold_negate in match.pd

More frequency removal

More transition to profile-counts for bb-reorder

Non-INTEGER_CST CHREC_RIGHTs in analyze_*_subscript

Re: Patch for [Bug fortran/81841] [5/6/7/8 Regression] THREADPRIVATE (OpenMP) wrongly rejected in BLOCK DATA

Patch ping

Patch ping^2

patch to fix PR80818

Re: PING Fwd: [patch] implement generic debug() for vectors and hash sets

PING Re: RFA (hash-map): PATCH to support GTY((cache)) with hash_map

PING*2 Fwd: [patch] implement generic debug() for vectors and hash sets

Ping: [patch, fortran] KIND arguments for MINLOC and MAXLOC

PING: [PATCH] Use rcrt1.o%s/grcrt1.o%s to relocate static PIE

Ping: [PATCH], Add rounding built-ins to the _Float<N> and _Float<N>X built-in functions

Re: potential bug in libstc++ ?

PR82547: Undetected overflow for UNSIGNED wide_ints

PR82665 - missing value range optimization for memchr


PR82809: register handling in ix86_vector_duplicate_value

PR82816: Widening multiplies of bitfields

PR83004: Accidental change to pr81136.c for VECTOR_BITS==128

Protect against min_profitable_iters going negative


refine default dwarf settings on VxWorks

Remove computation of path_in_freq in tree-ssa-threadupdate

Remove scale_bbs_frequencies_int, scale_bbs_frequencies_int

Remove unnecessary temporary in tree-if-conv.c

Remove unused variable in tree-ssa-loop-im.c

Remove write only bb_freq in tree-emutls.c

Replace REDUC_*_EXPRs with internal functions.

Replying to an older patch ([PATCH] Fix failing test-case)

Require ngettext in test of system gettext implementation

Rework the legitimize_address_displacement hook

Re: RFA (hash-map): PATCH to support GTY((cache)) with hash_map

Re: RFA (libstdc++): PATCH to implement C++17 over-aligned new

RFC/A: Stop cselib.c recording sets of the frame pointer

RFC: libgomp target plugins and atexit


RFC: Variable-length VECTOR_CSTs

Set edges to region known to be executed 0 times to have probability 0


SFN+LVU+IEPM v4 (was: Re: Statement Frontier Notes, Location Views, and Inlined Entry Point Markers)

Silence overactive assert in ipa-inline

Simplify ptr - 0

SLP reductions with variable-length vectors

Small C++ PATCH to avoid duplicate visibility warning

Staging in vrp cleanups

std::advance istreambuf_iterator overload

Re: std::forward_list optim for always equal allocator

Support for aliasing with variable strides

Tweak vector::_M_realloc_insert for code size

Update comment in tree-vrp.h

Use extract_bit_field_as_subreg for vectors

Use gather loads for strided accesses

Use profile count scaling in vect_do_peeling

Use single-iteration epilogues when peeling for gaps

VRP: x+1 and -x cannot be INT_MIN

{PATCH, wwwdocs] update employer in steering committee list

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