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Re: [PATCH v2] Simplify pow with constant

Alexander Monakov wrote:
> Note this changes the outcome for C == +Inf, x == 0 (pow is specified to
> return 1.0 in that case, but x * C1 == NaN).  There's another existing
> transform with the same issue, 'pow(expN(x), y) -> expN(x*y)', so this is
> not a new problem.
> The whole set of these match.pd transforms is guarded by
> flag_unsafe_math_optimizations, which is a bit strange, on the one hand
> it does not include -ffinite-math-only, but on the other hand it's
> defined broadly enough to imply that.

Yes I was assuming that unsafe_math_optimizations was enough for these
transformations to be... safe. I've added an isfinite check so that case works fine.
It looks we need to go through the more complex transformations (especially
given pow has so many special cases) and add more finite_math checks.
Here's the new version:

This patch simplifies pow (C, x) into exp (x * C1) if C > 0, C1 = log (C).
Do this only for fast-math as accuracy is reduced.  This is much faster
since pow is more complex than exp - with current GLIBC the speedup is
more than 7 times for this transformation.

The worst-case ULP error of the transformation for powf (10.0, x) in SPEC
was 2.5.  If we allow use of exp10 in match.pd, the ULP error would be lower.

2017-08-18  Wilco Dijkstra  <>

	* match.pd: Add pow (C, x) simplification.
diff --git a/gcc/match.pd b/gcc/match.pd
index 0e36f46b914bc63c257cef47152ab1aa507963e5..a5552c5096de5100a882d52add6b620ba87c1f72 100644
--- a/gcc/match.pd
+++ b/gcc/match.pd
@@ -3622,6 +3622,16 @@ DEFINE_INT_AND_FLOAT_ROUND_FN (RINT)
    (logs (pows @0 @1))
    (mult @1 (logs @0))))
+ /* pow(C,x) -> exp(log(C)*x) if C > 0.  */
+ (for pows (POW)
+      exps (EXP)
+      logs (LOG)
+  (simplify
+   (pows REAL_CST@0 @1)
+    (if (real_compare (GT_EXPR, TREE_REAL_CST_PTR (@0), &dconst0)
+	 && real_isfinite (TREE_REAL_CST_PTR (@0)))
+     (exps (mult (logs @0) @1)))))
  (for sqrts (SQRT)
       cbrts (CBRT)
       pows (POW)


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