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Re: [40/77] Use scalar_int_mode for extraction_insn fields

On 07/13/2017 02:52 AM, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> insv, extv and eztzv modify or read a field in a register or
> memory.  The field always has a scalar integer mode, while the
> register or memory either has a scalar integer mode or BLKmode.
> The mode of the bit position is also a scalar integer.
> This patch uses the type system to make that explicit.
> 2017-07-13  Richard Sandiford  <>
> 	    Alan Hayward  <>
> 	    David Sherwood  <>
> gcc/
> 	* optabs-query.h (extraction_insn::struct_mode): Change type to
> 	opt_scalar_int_mode and update comment.
> 	(extraction_insn::field_mode): Change type to scalar_int_mode.
> 	(extraction_insn::pos_mode): Likewise.
> 	* combine.c (make_extraction): Update accordingly.
> 	* optabs-query.c (get_traditional_extraction_insn): Likewise.
> 	(get_optab_extraction_insn): Likewise.
> 	* recog.c (simplify_while_replacing): Likewise.
> 	* expmed.c (narrow_bit_field_mem): Chane the type of the mode
> 	parameter to opt_scalar_int_mode.
s/Chane/Change/ in the ChangeLog.


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