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[Patch][AARCH64] Fix PR 81643 by modifying test case.

I would like to modify to no longer
look for an Ltb label.  After a patch to c-typeck.c to add a predict
statement to GOTO statements, GCC no longer generates one of the types
of long branch that this test is checking for.

I tried modifying the test and creating a new test to generate this label
but was unsucessful, I also added in an abort statement that would trigger
when GCC tried to generate this label and then ran a bootstrap GCC build
and a full testsuite run.  The abort never triggered. There may still
be some way to generate this label but I don't think it is worth the time
to find it and so I would like to just remove the check so that the
testcase no longer fails.

OK for checkin?  Tested on aarch64. 

Steve Ellcey

2017-08-10  Steve Ellcey  <>

	PR target/81643
	* Remove Ltb check.

diff --git a/gcc/testsuite/ b/gcc/testsuite/
index 46f500d..9e0f423 100644
--- a/gcc/testsuite/
+++ b/gcc/testsuite/
@@ -88,4 +88,3 @@ start3:
 /* { dg-final { scan-assembler "Lbcond" } } */
 /* { dg-final { scan-assembler "Lcb" } } */
-/* { dg-final { scan-assembler "Ltb" } } */

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