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Re: [PATCH] Use a specfile that actually allows building programs on NetBSD

On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 05:23:37PM -0600, Jeff Law wrote:
> On 06/29/2017 09:51 AM, coypu wrote:
> > I was thinking of holding a party for the upcoming one year anniversary
> > of pinging this patch, that was committed to NetBSD's copy of GCC about
> > a decade ago. without it, I can't compile simple programs.
> When it was committed to NetBSD isn't at all relevant.  We don't scour
> downstream uses for patches that might be useful and since few, if any,
> of the most active GCC developers use NetBSD we're unlikely to trip over
> the problem ourselves.  That makes us reliant upon others to report bugs
> and sometimes to even provide patches to fix platform specific issues.
> Krister indicated back when you first posted the patch in Jan that he
> was going to fix this and other issues in specs handling, but I don't
> see that Krister ever followed up.
> I wouldn't at all be surprised if this needs further work for pthreads.
> But I'll have to leave investigation there to folks that use NetBSD.
> I've installed your patch on the trunk.

Thank you.

I've spoken with Krister and he is responsive and still interested in
cleaning everything up, but it's good to have things working until then.

I've mentioned it as I'd like to close N many years of not upstreaming
patches :-) sometimes we have good changes, too, but they'll be mostly
netbsd ones.

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