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Re: Fix genmultilib reuse rule checks for large sets of option combinations

On 06/08/2017 02:28 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> genmultilib computes combination_space, a list of all combinations of
> options in MULTILIB_OPTIONS that might have multilibs built for them
> (some of which may end up not having multilibs built for them, and
> some of those may end up being mapped to other multilibs with
> MULTILIB_REUSE).  It is then used to validate the right hand part of
> MULTILIB_REUSE rules, checking with expr that combination_space
> matches a basic regular expression derived from that right hand part.
> There are two problems with this approach to validation:
> * It requires that right hand part to have options in the same order
>   as in MULTILIB_OPTIONS, in contradiction to the documentation of
>   MULTILIB_REUSE saying that order does not matter there.
> * combination_space can be so large that the expr call fails with an
>   E2BIG error.  I have a local ARM configuration with 40 multilibs but
>   3840 combinations of options from MULTILIB_OPTIONS (so 3839 listed
>   in combination_space, since it doesn't list the default multilib)
>   and 996 MULTILIB_REUSE rules.  This generates a combination_space
>   string longer than the Linux kernel's MAX_ARG_STRLEN (PAGE_SIZE *
>   32, the limit on the length of a single argv string), so that expr
>   cannot be run.
> This patch changes the validation approach to generate a much shorter
> extended regular expression for any sequence of multilib options in
> any order, and uses that for the validation instead.
> Tested with a built for arm-none-eabi --with-multilib-list=aprofile
> (as a configuration that uses MULTILIB_REUSE).
> 2017-06-08  Joseph Myers  <>
> 	* genmultilib (combination_space): Remove variable.
> 	Validate reuse rules against regular expression for any sequence
> 	of multilib options in any order.
Going to trust you on this :-)  regexps are far from my sweet spot.


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