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Re: [PATCH GCC][2/6]Compute available register for each register classes

On 05/12/2017 05:27 AM, Bin Cheng wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently available/clobber registers are computed only for GENERAL_REGS, this
> patch extends it for all reg pressure classes.  It also updates existing uses
> in various places.
> Bootstrap and test on x86_64 and AArch64.  Is it OK?
> Thanks,
> bin
> 2017-05-10  Bin Cheng  <>
> 	* cfgloop.h (struct target_cfgloop): Change x_target_avail_regs and
> 	x_target_clobbered_regs into array fields.
> 	(init_avail_clobber_regs): New declaration.
> 	* cfgloopanal.c (memmodel.h, ira.h): Include header files.
> 	(init_set_costs): Remove computation for old x_target_avail_regs and
> 	x_target_clobbered_regs fields.
> 	(init_avail_clobber_regs): New function.
> 	(estimate_reg_pressure_cost): Update the uses.
> 	* toplev.c (cfgloop.h): Update comment why the header file is needed.
> 	(backend_init_target): Call init_avail_clobber_regs.
> 	* tree-predcom.c (memmodel.h, ira.h): Include header files.
> 	(MAX_DISTANCE): Update the use.
> 	* tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c (determine_set_costs): Update the uses.
> 	(determine_set_costs): Ditto.

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