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Re: [PATCH rs6000] Fix for commit 249311

On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 09:08:50PM -0700, Carl Love wrote:
> Commit r249311 had an error.  During the patch review the define expand
> for VFC_inst was changed to VF_sxddp.  I compiled and tested the source
> after making the change and it seemed fine.  However, I missed a couple
> of changes.  It seems that since I didn't remove all the binaries before
> recompiling the build tree still had the old definition in it.

Either we have some missing dependencies then, or (more likely) something
in your workflow didn't set modification dates correctly.

> I also
> found I had to move the VF_sxddp definition back to the file where it is
> used.  Need to make sure I do a clean build just to be sure before
> committing things.
> I found the issue after pulling down a fresh tree and compiling when the
> build failed.  I have already applied the following change to the tree
> as I didn't want to leave a broken tree all weekend.


> Please let me know
> if there are any changes to this fix-up patch that you would like to see
> made and I will take care of it. 
> Sorry about breaking things.

Heh, it happens :-)


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