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Re: [PATCH 00/30] [ARM] Reworking the -mcpu, -march and -mfpu options

On Mon, 12 Jun 2017, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:

> It does.  The problem seems to be a generic one in the driver in that
> the rewrite rules are always passed the first instance of -march and not
> the last.  Indeed, with the aarch64 compiler, if I write
> gcc -mcpu=native -mcpu=cortex-a53
> then the driver will rewrite this as
> ./cc1 -mcpu=cortex-a53 -mcpu=<expansion of native cpu name>
> which doesn't seem to be the right thing at all.
> So we either have a generic problem with all option rewriting, or there
> are some subtle details of it that we've not figured out yet.
> Joseph, is there a way to get the rewrite rules to receive the *last*
> instance of a flag rather than the first?  Or is the current behaviour
> simply wrong?

I think there are at least two separate issues here.

In the AArch64 port (and other ports), the specs for -mcpu=native use 
%{mcpu=native:%<mcpu=native %:local_cpu_detect(cpu)} as part of 
DRIVER_SELF_SPECS.  Options added by DRIVER_SELF_SPECS are added at the 
end of the command line (after OPTION_DEFAULT_SPECS has been processed).  
Thus, if there is any -mcpu=native option, the options from generated by 
local_cpu_detect will be added.

In patch 14 of this series, you have specs of the form %{mcpu=*: cpu %*} 
inside a canon_arch call.  According to the comment in gcc.c documenting 

 %{S*:X}  substitutes X if one or more switches whose names start
          with -S was given to GCC.  Normally X is substituted only
          once, no matter how many such switches appeared.  However,
          if %* appears somewhere in X, then X will be substituted
          once for each matching switch, with the %* replaced by the
          part of that switch that matched the '*'.  A space will be
          appended after the last substition unless there is more
          text in current sequence.

this ought to mean that every -mcpu= option results in a corresponding cpu 
<something> in the arguments to canon_arch (in the same order as the 
original options).  If it doesn't, that sounds like a bug in the %* 

Overridden options can be removed before specs processing if a cycle of 
options is marked with Negative in the .opt files (see prune_options), but 
that doesn't apply to options with arguments.  If you had a system for 
pruning e.g. all but the last -mcpu= option (for options where it's just 
the last argument that matters), you'd also want to make sure that prior 
options do still generate errors if the option argument is invalid.

Joseph S. Myers

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