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[PATCH GCC][01/13]Introduce internal function IFN_LOOP_DIST_ALIAS

I was asked by upstream to split the loop distribution patch into small ones.
It is hard because data structure and algorithm are closely coupled together.
Anyway, this is the patch series with smaller patches.  Basically I tried to
separate data structure and bug-fix changes apart with one as the main patch.
Note I only made necessary code refactoring in order to separate patch, apart
from that, there is no change against the last version.

This is the first patch introducing new internal function IFN_LOOP_DIST_ALIAS.
GCC will distribute loops under condition of this function call.

Bootstrap and test on x86_64 and AArch64.  Is it OK?

2017-06-07  Bin Cheng  <>

	* cfgloop.h (struct loop): New field ldist_alias_id.
	* cfgloopmanip.c (lv_adjust_loop_entry_edge): Comment change.
	* internal-fn.c (expand_LOOP_DIST_ALIAS): New function.
	* internal-fn.def (LOOP_DIST_ALIAS): New.
	* tree-vectorizer.c (vect_loop_dist_alias_call): New function.
	(fold_loop_dist_alias_call): New function.
	(vectorize_loops): Fold IFN_LOOP_DIST_ALIAS call depending on
	successful vectorization or not.

Attachment: 0001-ifn_loop_dist_alias-20170607.txt
Description: 0001-ifn_loop_dist_alias-20170607.txt

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