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Re: [PATCH 1/4][Ada,DJGPP] Ada support for DJGPP

On 07/31/2016 10:57 AM, Arnaud Charlet wrote:
Frankly at this stage, I do not think it makes sense to maintain an
Ada port for DJGPP and in particular maintain all these extra
special cases and #ifdefs.
I don't think this is a reasonable attitude to take with people who
are willing to do the work to do it.
OK, let me reformulate my comments and questions then:

- can you (Andris) clarify what usage you are/will be doing with this port?
I'm providing packages of DJGPP port of GCC already since gcc-2.8.1 including also Ada compiler since gcc-3.2. Required changes were maintained outside official GCC source tree for a long time. That required both merge conflicts and port breakages to be handled due to upstream sources development related changes. I myself am not using Ada otherwise. As result It is difficult to say how many are actually using it as everybody who wants it can freely download binary packages from DJGPP distribution. At least related asking in DJGPP mailing list showed that the number is not 0. One do not however need to subscribed to that list to download and use packages.

Also amount of changes required for port of Ada compiler was considerably decreased since dropping support of old DJGPP v.203.

- are you volunterring to regularly test this port and maintain it
I have already done it with changes outside official source tree for a rather long time. Having changes in will make this maintenance easier.
   fix breakage)

"Doing the work" isn't a one shot thing, it's a long term commitment, so it
better be worth it as you said yourself.

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