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Re: [PATCH 11/17][ARM] Add builtins for VFP FP16 intrinsics.

On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 3:11 PM, Matthew Wahab
<> wrote:
> On 17/05/16 15:41, Matthew Wahab wrote:
>> The ACLE intrinsics introduced to support the ARMv8.2 FP16 extensions
>> require that intrinsics for scalar floating pointer (VFP) instructions
>> are available under different conditions from those for the NEON
>> intrinsics.
>> This patch adds the support code and builtins data for the new VFP
>> intrinsics. Because of the similarities between the scalar and NEON
>> builtins, the support code for the scalar builtins follows the code for
>> the NEON builtins. The declarations for the VFP builtins are also added
>> in this patch since the support code expects non-empty tables.
> Updated the patch to drop the builtins for vneg, vadd, vsub, vmul and
> vdiv, which are no longer needed.
> Tested the series for arm-none-linux-gnueabihf with native bootstrap and
> make check and for arm-none-eabi and armeb-none-eabi with make check on
> an ARMv8.2-A emulator.
> Ok for trunk?
> Matthew
> 2016-07-04  Matthew Wahab  <>
>         * config/arm/arm-builtins.c (hf_UP): New.
>         (si_UP): New.
>         (vfp_builtin_data): New.  Update comment.
>         (enum arm_builtins): Include "arm_vfp_builtins.def".
>         (arm_init_vfp_builtins): New.
>         (arm_init_builtins): Add arm_init_vfp_builtins.
>         (arm_expand_vfp_builtin): New.
>         (arm_expand_builtins): Update for arm_expand_vfp_builtin.  Fix
>         long line.
>         * config/arm/arm_vfp_builtins.def: New file.
>         * config/arm/t-arm (arm.o): Add arm_vfp_builtins.def.
>         (arm-builtins.o): Likewise.



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