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Re: libgo patch committed: Update to 1.7rc3

> I have committed a patch to update libgo to the 1.7rc3 release
> candidate.  This is very close to the upcoming 1.7 release.  As usual
> with libgo updates, the patch is too large to include in this e-mail
> message.  I've appended the changes to the gccgo-specific directories.

A new testsuite failure is introduced:

FAIL: text/template

on both, x86_64-linux-gnu and alpha-linux-gnu.

The testcase corrupts stack with a too deep recursion.

There is a part in libgo/go/text/template/exec.go that should handle
this situaiton:

// maxExecDepth specifies the maximum stack depth of templates within
// templates. This limit is only practically reached by accidentally
// recursive template invocations. This limit allows us to return
// an error instead of triggering a stack overflow.
const maxExecDepth = 100000

but the limit is either set too high, or the error handling code is
inefficient on both, split-stack (x86_64) and non-split-stack (alpha)
targets. Lowering this value to 10000 "fixes" the testcase on both


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