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Re: libgo patch committed: Update to 1.7rc3


> I have committed a patch to update libgo to the 1.7rc3 release
> candidate.  This is very close to the upcoming 1.7 release.  As usual
> with libgo updates, the patch is too large to include in this e-mail
> message.  I've appended the changes to the gccgo-specific directories.

There is an issue with


The test crypto/sha1 fails on alpha-linux-gnu with:

--- FAIL: TestOutOfBoundsRead (0.00s)
panic: invalid argument [recovered]
        panic: invalid argument

since the test hard-codes 4k pages, but alpha uses 8k pages.

It looks that the second line of build directives in the test:

// +build amd64
// +build linux darwin

overwrites the first one, so the test runs also on non-amd64
architecture linux OS. I have confirmed this by removing the second
build directive, and crypto/sha1 test then passed, since
issue15617_test.go was not linked into the final executable.

Another possible solution is to avoid hard-coding 4k pages in the
test. The mentioned test will pass on alpha when

        const pageSize = 4 << 10

is changed to

        const pageSize = 8 << 10


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