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Re: [RFC][IPA-VRP] Re-factor tree-vrp to factor out common code

On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 2:27 PM, kugan
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> Now that early vrp is moved as part of tree-vrp, there is only minimal
> interface tree-vrp should expose for ipa-vrp. However, I have not found the
> right place to place struct value_range (with GTY marker) and enum
> value_range_type.
> enum value_range_type is needed in tree-ssanames.[h|c] and in all the places
> where get|set_range_info is used.
> struct value_range is needed in ipa-prop.h, therefore all the places
> ipa-prop.h is included.
> One option is to place it in tree-vrp.h and expose this to GTY
> infrastructure. Then include it in all the places we need any of these
> types. It is in lots of c files.
> I have now placed both in tree.h. Even though that compiles, I am not
> convinced that is the right place.

I'm convinced it is not ;)

As we had value_range_type in tree-ssanames.h why not put value_range there?

Or simply put value_range into tree-vrp.h and leave value_range_type
where it is.

You no longer export vrp_finalize so no need to change it.

> I would appreciate comment/preferences in this regard. I am also attaching
> the current version of this patch for review. I will update it based on the
> comments.


> Thanks,
> Kugan

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