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Re: Importing gnulib into the gcc tree

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Ayush Goel

On 17 July 2016 at 9:44:27 PM, Manuel López-Ibáñez ( wrote:
> On 16 July 2016 at 10:54, ayush goel wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Thanks for the feedbacks.
> >
> > —> I’m already configuring gcc with multiple languages and multilib enabled
> >
> > —> The changes have been bootstrapped and regression tested (complete check, make  
> -k -j20 check).
> >
> > —> As mentioned, I have locally removed obstack.[ch] from libiberty and built and tested  
> the entire thing.
> >
> > PFA the patch
> This sounds great to me, but I cannot approve it. I hope some of the
> people who can will comment on it.
> One thing that I miss is documenting gnulib in doc/sourcebuild.texi.

I’ve added gnulib as an entry in sourcebuild.texi

> It would be good to document in particular how to add a new module.
> GDB has:  
> but I think this info should be in sourcebuild.texi (or somewhere else
> under doc/).

This wiki pages talks mostly of how to update the version of gnulib present inside the gdb directory.
I’ve instead created a gnulib-import.texi file inside /doc with bullet points on how to import a new module.

> I see several other mentions of libiberty in doc/, but some of them
> may be just using libiberty as an example, thus not relevant.

Yes, there are several other mentions of libiberty (in contrib.texi, install.texi, invoke.texi etc) however these are not relevant to us.

I’m attaching a patch just containing the changes made in the /doc. Once these are approved by the community, I’ll add them to the main patch and resubmit it.


> Cheers,
> Manuel.

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