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Re: [PATCH] Avoid invoking ranlib on libbackend.a

>>>>> Patrick Palka writes:

> Hmm, this is only a problem due to command line length limits right?
> Fortunately the change makes the longest command line only about 10%
> longer than the previous longest command line.  With the change to
> avoid building libbackend.a altogether, the longest command line is
> now the cc1plus link command which is 4430 bytes long.  Without this
> change, the longest command line is the "ar rc libbackend.a"
> invocation at 4095 bytes (from what I can tell).  It's still pretty
> far away from the 8k limit imposed by Windows.

Windows is not the only non-Linux system on which GCC runs.

You repeatedly are making bad assumptions and assertions without
having studied much about GCC. You assume that GNU ar is the only
archiver in use. You propose removing libbackend.a without having
investigated when it was introduced and why.

Your patches would be a lot more compelling if you invested the time
to learn some context.

Thanks, David

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