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Re: [PATCH] simplify-rtx.c: start adding selftests (v2)

On 07/06/2016 01:30 PM, David Malcolm wrote:

This might be a bit confusing when more tests are added, since
pointer equality is only useful in certain specific cases (e.g.
when you know you're dealing with CONST_INTs or pseudo registers).
How about making ASSERT_RTX_EQ check for rtx_equal_p equality and
have something like ASSERT_RTX_PTR_EQ for cases where pointer
equality really is needed?

Also, how about using LAST_VIRTUAL_REGISTER + 1 as the base for
register numbers?  DImode might not be valid for register 0 on all

Thanks.  Here's an updated version which adds both ASSERT_RTX_EQ and
ASSERT_RTX_PTR_EQ.  The simplify-rtx.c tests can use the stricter
pointer equality test, so I updated them to use ASSERT_RTX_PTR_EQ
Richard S. is definitely right here WRT using pointer equality vs deeper inspection. The RTL structure sharing rules within GCC are something you have to be cognizant of here. Thankfully the RTL structure sharing is reasonably well documented.

I added a selftest::make_test_reg to allocate pseudo regs, starting
Also the right thing to do. There's hard registers, then virtuals, then pseudos.

There's obviously much more we could do with the tests, but this is a reasonable start.

I note you iterate over all the modes -- which would include things like FP modes, BImode, and CC special modes and such. I don't think we can necessarily be sure that the transformations you're testing are valid across all modes.

For example, does it even make sense to test (A & B) | A -> A for FP modes?

It almost seems like the iteration space has to be dependent on what you're testing. Ie, some tests you want to iterate over the standard integer modes. Other tests you might reasonably include FP modes. CC modes I think should be forbidden for these tests. THere may be others to ponder as well.


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