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Re: [PATCH, DOC] Enhance documentation of -fipa-ra option.

> --- a/gcc/doc/invoke.texi
> +++ b/gcc/doc/invoke.texi
> @@ -7260,7 +7260,9 @@ any called function.  In that case it is not necessary to save and restore
>  them around calls.  This is only possible if called functions are part of
>  same compilation unit as current function and they are compiled before it.
> -Enabled at levels @option{-O2}, @option{-O3}, @option{-Os}.
> +Enabled at levels @option{-O2}, @option{-O3}, @option{-Os}, however the option
> +is disabled if profiler is active (@option{-p}, @option{-pg} or

I think this should say "if generated code will be instrumented for profiling"
(or "is instrumented") instead of "if profiler is active".  Internal comments
can be fuzzy, but user-facing documentation should be more rigorous.

> +@option{-fprofile})

Right now option -fprofile is not documented, so it's probably not ok to
mention it here (I realize it won't be so if you document it as an alias).

> or a port does not emit prologue and epilogue as RTL.

May I suggest "or if callee's register usage cannot be known exactly (this
happens on targets that do not expose prologues and epilogues in RTL)"?

(well, this is still not 100% helpful to the user because they can't easily know
which targets do, but still a bit of an improvement)

Thanks for bringing this forward!  The bit about profiling is especially not
obvious and nice to have documented.


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