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Re: [PATCH] - improve sprintf buffer overflow detection (middle-end/49905)

On 07/12/2016 10:12 AM, Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
On 12/07/16 16:59, Martin Sebor wrote:
You're probably right.  I suspect I have a tendency to overuse
the quotes (e.g, the -Wplacement-new warning also quotes the
sizes).  If there aren't yet (I vague recall coming across
something on the GCC Wiki but can't find it now), it would be
helpful to put in place some diagnostic style conventions like
there are for formatting code to guide us in cases like this.
I'm willing to help put the document together or add this to
it if one already exists.

That's it!  Thanks!  Looks like there are two places that talk
about GCC diagnostics: one on the Wiki and one in the Coding
Conventions (plus the GNU Coding Standard).  But, AFAICS, none
of these gives guidance for what to quote.

Based on the gcc.pot file it does look like quoted numbers are
far less common than unquoted ones (just 10 messages where they
are quoted vs 528 unquoted).

I've added this as a guideline to the Wiki and assuming no one
suggests otherwise I'll remove the quotes from this patch and
from the other changes I already committed.


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