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RE: [ARM] no-data-is-text-relative & msingle-pic-base

Ramana, Nathan,

My opinion was "there is nothing wrong to run application -mno-pic-data-is-text-relative without -msingle-pic-base in a system that offset of data and text it fixed. I am not convenience we should ban it." 

However, what Ramana is suggesting is to error out -mno-PDITR with explicit -mno-SPB, which I don't have a strong preference embrace it or not as it will be just a rare and wired command line combination.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nathan Sidwell [] On Behalf Of
> Nathan Sidwell
> Sent: 12 July 2016 17:07
> To: Ramana Radhakrishnan
> Cc: GCC Patches; Joey Ye; nd
> Subject: Re: [ARM] no-data-is-text-relative & msingle-pic-base
> On 07/12/16 12:01, Ramana Radhakrishnan wrote:
> > I am also slightly inclined to go further and error out if someone uses -
> mno-PDITR with -mno-SPB on the command line, after all as you say -mno-
> PDITR implies a non-fixed mapping while -mno-SPB implies there is some
> fixed mapping some where currently in the compiler. I don't see how the
> twain can meet.
> That was my original thought too, but Joey told me that such use cases
> exist.
> nathan

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