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RE: [PATCH] Fix FFI return type for closures in the java interpreter

Tom Tromey <> writes:
> >>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Fortune <> writes:
> Matthew> I'm not sure this will matter if the only arch is x86 as
> Matthew> ffi_arg will be 32-bit anyway there.
> Aha, right.  Thanks for looking.
> Matthew> There would need to be a
> Matthew> 64bit arch using the raw api. I don't really understand what
> Matthew> the raw api is, the references to it in the code seemed
> Matthew> cryptic.
> IIRC it's to exploit the x86 calling convention to make ffi calls a bit
> more efficient for libgcj.

Sorry for the long delay...

I have tested this now with -m32 multilib on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu and there
are no regressions.

> Matthew> libjava/
> Matthew> 	* Use ffi_arg for FFI integer return types.
> Matthew> libjava/testsuite/
> Matthew> 	* libjava.jar/ New file.
> Matthew> 	* libjava.jar/arraysort.jar: New file.
> Matthew> 	* libjava.jar/arraysort.out: New file.
> Matthew> 	* libjava.jar/arraysort.xfail: New file.
> This is ok.
> Could you check?  I think a -m32 build ought to show it.  Maybe your
> x86-64 build already did this?

Still OK to commit?


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